Cosmic Dirt Astrology, July 13, 2012, How To Reinvent My Life, Uranus Retrograde, Friday the 13th

Settled emotions from today’s Taurus Moon, manage to align us with progress in what we do. We are beautifully constructing our perfect world, while at the same time, creating protection for what we build. As Luna sextiles powerful Sun, we invest loving energy into ourselves, and we naturally become enriched.

What we have come to know and understand, has already began to take a dramatic shift with the recent Uranus/Pluto rx square in June. Although this energy continues to vibrate big changes in the months ahead for our physical world, it will actually go on pause as Uranus stations retrograde today. This cycle will continue for the rest of the year, as Uranus ‘The Awakener’ stimulates new inspirations and truth. But rather than vibrating radical shifts in our outer world, we can expect to experience surprising movements happening within ourselves. Uranus entered Aries back in March 2011, and since then, we’ve been searching for our own individuality, our inner uniqueness, and  true spirit.

Depending on your own situation(s) or birth chart, some of us may have been caught off guard with recent movements in our life/relationships/work situations.. mostly because change doesn’t always sit pretty with everyone. Connections, whether professionally, romantically, or professionally, will seem to have managed just fine (despite the flaws of defiance)… but the slightest change in routine will vibrate some sort of surprised movement. Unprepared (as in ‘someone who didn’t get the office notice’), this energy will create tension, with a natural resistance, that can develop into chaos for those who settled in sleepy patterns. The purpose for Uranus to come along, is to create much needed change – to awaken us and bring us back to life.

As Uranus retrogrades, we can expect our own awakenings (or a-ha moments) to occur, as we release resistance and control. By letting go of our attachments (whether that be physically, emotionally, or mentally), we can soar to new heights, and get a better perspective of our life, our situations, and what we need to seek, in order to be genuinely content and at peace. To detach ourselves from what we have become accustomed to, break the routine, which opens doors to self-discovery. On the flip side, to ignore the necessity of our own inner changes, will only encourage blame and excuses, which will defy self-growth, and eventually limit outer potential. We need to remember that Life will go on and others will continue without us. To evolve, we too must allow ourselves to grow. Otherwise, we become ‘out of touch’ and left behind in the distance.

Uranus is an outer planet that holds much distance and strength, so what we experience internally, will have a major impact on us and our future. Pluto retrograde in Capricorn is digging much deeper, to investigate and remove the murkiness, while regenerating stronger facts. And although this experience can be very enlightening and healing, the effects from Uranus rx/Pluto rx may prove to be quite disturbing and/or painful for those who became lost in the translation. Deep revelations will rise from the naked truth. Just when you thought you figured it out, something else is exposed. Tonight’s Penn State news is an example as to what I try to explain. Things didn’t quiet down just because Joe Paterno passed, not did things quiet down after Jerry Sandusky heads to prison. Out of the blue, new facts were discovered, and secrets are uncovered, which puts a real perspective on the truth. Once we finally know the rules, the whole game changes, right? But right now, this period is not about making important decisions or making major adjustments for our outer world. It’s about reconnecting and embracing our inner being. This is an opportunity to welcome change, while understanding how we can handle things differently, with another chance, now that we have ALL the facts. This is a time to know we are, to understand what we are actually seek from life, and from others. “You change your life, by changing your heart.” Tarot insight: (wow, same cards delivered as yesterday) Let your heart speak.

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