Cosmic Dirt Astrology, July 14, 2012, Say What?, Mercury Stations Retrograde

We could feel scattered in many directions this morning as Moon enters multi-tasking Gemini. This light and airy Moon keeps up floating.. back and forth… from one project to another, and to another. We’ll find ourselves in a more gentle place in the evening as Mercury sextiles Venus. It’s a fine time to connect, or reconnect, with someone that we lost touch with, to negotiate and find a middle ground for peace. Normally the Gemini Moon is favorable for short trips, running errands, friendly communications, writing letters, socializing, and helping others.. but there’s a chance that we may feel a bit out of sync as Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) stations retrograde today. Communications of many sorts are placed into the hands of this trickster, who is well known for creating mechanical blunders, misunderstandings, and failed transmissions. This cycle continues for the next three weeks, so to avoid mishaps, we need to pay better attention to communicate details accurately, and to learn how to listen better.

Mercury joins Uranus, who just stationed retrograde yesterday. It may seem as if this pair of planets are trying to gang up on us – if we haven’t made necessary corrections to the flaws that we’ve created. Yes, that’s right. We all have our own responsibilities to take care of. If you choose to blame, rather than confront the problem, then you will experience the same issue again. The retrogrades are a time when we should relate to one another and solve problems. Areas that are normally most affected by this transit range from relationships with broken communications, technical toys, computer and cell phones, paperwork and faxes, letters, voice mails, mechanical appliances, heavy machinery, and vehicles. Major purchases, contracts and agreements should also be placed on hold at this time, and if this isn’t possible, then be sure to read the fine print carefully. “Bring into your mind anyone against whom you have a grievance and let it go. Send that person your forgiveness”. Deepak Chopra. Tarot insight: Assuming the worst, only delays improvement.

In addition as a gentle reminder, here is a written piece from an earlier post:

“… ‘it ain’t over until the fat lady sings’.Mercury retrograde gives us three weeks to correct poor communications where we have created difficulties in misunderstanding. Uranus retrograde lasts for the rest of the year, and being a more distant planet, its energy will be more in-depth and thorough. We will searching for new inspiration and happiness, but we will be forced to face our own finicky behavior that causes doubts. We say we want change, but then something inside breaks down. Our press on the gas and our engine revs, but then we quietly and voluntarily reach for the keys and shut it down. You probably know what I’m talking about… so what are you afraid of? There will be lots of ‘push me, pull you’ action for the months ahead, unless you get it right. With Uranus retrograde in Aries, we are trying to reach our unique individualism, and sing our own version of Sagittarian Sammy Davis Jr’s ‘I’ve Got To Be Me“. Transmissions, and technology will be speaking to us in ways that we should become better listeners, to be more aware. We might hear people in our lives griping more, the vehicle could be making more unusual noises, mobile phones and computers misbehave, or maybe the cable, website servers, and internet aren’t transmitting information correctly. Whatever your individual situation is, your attention is being requested and required, to avoid break-ups and break-downs. A back-up plan will be necessary if you’d rather ignore it all. This is not a time to complain ‘O noooo, this totally sucks, I can’t believe this is happening again’. Don’t assume that opinions are the truth for why things are as they are, Strive to put things right. Retrogrades are excellent times to say, ‘Screw it, I’m tired of this constantly happening, Let me fix this RIGHT NOW”. No excuses”. Original post >>

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