Cosmic Dirt Astrology, July 23, 2012

The Virgo Moon quietly reminds us today, to take care of our responsibilities. This is favorable energy for business meetings, as well as for having ‘the talk’ with loved ones. Virgo Moon boosts our need for order, so we could spend much of the day cleaning, organizing, filing, working on finances, and on ourselves. We tend to feel better when everything is in its right place, but with Virgo’s ruler Mercury in retrograde, focus can be hard to attain for some. Try to find ten quality minutes today, to sit quietly with yourself in meditation, to clean out busy, disruptive thoughts. As without, So within. Later this evening, Luna shifts into gentle Libra, encouraging a need for balance and peace. As Moon sextiles Sun, we share ourselves with another. ‘My life is my message’. Gandhi. Tarot insight: Six of Swords, The Hermit: Make peace with your past.

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As a wildflower with a brave heart, I journey the scenic route on the road less traveled. This path of light & darkness enriches my soul, while its dirt & stardust enchants my work as a tarot reader, astrology muse & intuitive life consultant... helping to create better tomorrows.