Cosmic Dirt Astrology, July 25, 2012

Fresh ways to communicate are popping up around us as Mercury rx trines Uranus rx this morning. We can find ourselves reaching out to others at new heights, while attracting people from new levels. We may be learning a new language now, or experimenting with new ways to relate and understand better. We can connect with social organizations, new friends, neighbors, and those we’ve lost touch with. Opportunities appear as we dare to think outside of the box. Create, write, and speak from the heart… for one small step transforms into one humongous leap. Our inner balance will stabilize with the Saturn/Moon conjunction right before lunch. Later tonight, Moon will exit courteous Libra, to enter the stormy seas of Scorpio. We’ll be giving away much less ourselves emotionally, to protect and heal weaknesses. ‘Only from the heart can you touch the sky’. Rumi.Tarot insight: Ten of Pentacles, King of Wands: What you touch, turns to gold.

About Suzi Dronzek

Wandering onto roads less traveled, my wild heart was called to the path of a Psychic Intuitive. Graced with dirt & stardust, I work with intuition, tarot, astrology, spirituality, energy sensitivity & other divination tools; to help those who seek insight, advice and guidance. ❤


  1. I always feel the only effect of Mercury retrograde is to make everything else unpredictable. It clouds everything else and takes the path ahead out of focus.

  2. Very true, and I agree with you. But how refreshing might I add, that under the confusion of Mercury rx, we can finally experience uncertainty about our current approach and behaviors. We can even catch a glimpse of the bigger picture under Uranus rx if we seek a change for the better. 🙂