Cosmic Dirt Astrology, July 3, 2012, Creating Balance, Mars enters Libra, Capricorn Full Moon

Dark clouds dare to pass overhead as Moon conjuncts intense Pluto, and square sporadic Uranus this morning. If you hope to change your world through control, then this energy would be best utilized within. The Capricorn Moon will encourage us to work and protect what we are building, but we may feel the need to be responsible for others as well, when we really should be minding our own business. Focus on personal and professional ambitions.

Mars exits earthy Virgo today, to enter into balanced Libra for the next six weeks. Mars (energy) is our mover and shaker, but we can struggle with what we are trying to create in the weeks ahead, as Mars can be forced to slow down in terms of equality and fairness. Rather than acting on what we desire, Mars in Libra can result in negotiations from intellectualizing our actions. With both Saturn (responsibilities) and Mars (ego) in Libra (professional, romantic, general relationships), we are urged to prove ourselves by creating balance in our relationships, as well as with ourselves. During recent hardships with opportunities to learn life lessons (Saturn), we will consider our best options and best actions with Mars in Libra. By Autumn, both of these determined planets will enter Scorpio to seriously work on major transformations. So to not feel victimized, Mars in Libra encourages us to do all that weneed to do, in order to make things right, for all parties involved. What we wanted and placed as priority in the last few weeks, begins to disintegrate as Venus quincunx Pluto. As this happens, we are allowing our true values and self-respect to resurface.

This afternoon, a Full Moon takes place, where we need to find a balance between our ego and our emotions. The balance is the magic in order to get what we need on an inner level, while still staying connected with our actions on the outer world. It takes great self-control to do this, but is completely possible. The Full Moon is a time of intensity, and an ending of a cycle, which will l either make or break the deal – depending on our self-control and needs. This is a time when all comes into full illumination, and we get the right answers to what we need, to create direction. Our ego and actions can respond strongly to the truth, which is what the Full Moon will deliver. It’s no secret that arguments, police work, and emergency rooms are in full flux during Full Moons. Some choose to rely on ego, rather than the truth, which can create a natural reaction to defend one’s spirit, and upset the apple cart.

With the Capricorn Full Moon, comes karmic lessons from Capricorn’s ruler Saturn. While we may shine as a loving and passionate soul, emotions become gravitated with a dose of reality as we are brought back down to earth. We can respond to the energy of the day with unconditional love and acceptance… or we may feel our ‘inner teacher’ calling in order to distribute tough lessons in love, commitment, and loyalty. Capricorn Full Moon encourages us to defend and protect our family, property, career, and reputation. At the same note, we need to remind ourselves that others can take care of themselves, or else we may step out of bounds and onto the territory of others. This energy helps us to feel grounded as we learn to help ourselves, but it can make us feel deprived if we also did the work for others. If we are to grow, we may feel a need to control  everything (and everyone). Realistically, this is not how we grow as individuals, as we all have our own journey. Release what stunts our journey.

Under this Full Moon, allow the love from this great Mother of Light to be yours, illuminating your own skills, successes, and potentials. The Full Moon’s beauty depends on her release, as she gives birth to light and truth. Today, be true and genuine to yourself, sacrifice a need to control. Shed limitations and live within your own means. With Saturn (and now fiery Mars) transiting Libra (relationships), this Full Moon will have an effect on us personally, romantically, or professionally. Results of what we have been experiencing are in full manifestation now, delivering gifts/lessons physically, financially, or spiritually. Put yourself and your word out there, without expecting anything in return, to see what naturally manifests.

In the Tarot, As seen in the image, The Devil relates to Saturn, while Mars is connected to the The Tower. The Devil symbolizes our addictions, our weaknesses, and our force of habit. In your own situation, be honest by recognizing what keeps you chained to places that leave you feeling unhappy or hurt. The crumbling of the Tower takes place, just as Mars stops thinking, and simply takes action. What has become old and crusty is forced to change, so that something new can be created. What old habits and patterns can you attempt to change and bring in new life to your wellbeing, your relationship, or a work situation? The Devil keeps you locked in and depressed, while The Tower is liberating for freedom. What do you choose? For an idea as to what you are deeply digging to uproot and remove, look at which house in your natal chart is being charged by the Full Moon. Perhaps the July Tarotscopes can offer more insight. Capricorn Full Moon Affirmation: I respect my right to be  happy.

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  2. […] and Venus (values, love, money) both direct, we are more committed to our own growth. And now that Mars (energy) has recently moved into Libra, and we receive our truth from the recent Capricorn Full […]