Cosmic Dirt Astrology, June 13, 2012, Wearing Our Protective Armor with Dignity, Sun trine Saturn rx

Life can smooth out considerably this morning as Sun trines Saturn rx this morning. Taking care of our responsibilities can finally start to pay off. Others may notice what we’ve accomplished, but what’s more important, is that WE notice. What we are truly capable of doing, enhances our confidence, assertion and popularity. We know and understand our potential now. What a reason to be genuinely happy and proud. This can bring good news along with improvements in our work, finances, reputation, and well-being. Yes, you worked hard, and definitely earned this. As Saturn retrogrades through Libra, we can also reap benefits in our relationships with loved ones, business partnerships, and our relationship with ourselves. With Saturn slowing down in order to station direct in less than two weeks, we can be a witness to the Taskmaster’s great rewards in the weeks ahead.

Now, you may wonder if this means that all of our problems are over, and if everything will be happy ever after? um… No. Life is constantly moving, twisting, and changing, right along with the heavens. Saturn has been retrograde since January 2012, to show us our weakness(es). As much as we may not have wanted to deal with our fears and reality, we did. Can you say ‘achievement’? We should basically be at much healthier places in our lives, and if we aren’t, you can bet that Saturn will be sure to repeat his life lessons for each one of us. If we proved that we were willing to do what we needed to (to withstand the pressures of life), then Saturn helped us to mature and become responsible individuals.. building inner strength, trust, and true character. These mighty gifts act as our protective armor suit when we are out in the world.

And while we have some strong tensions building ahead as chaotic Uranus prepares to square destructive Pluto, we should be properly prepared and standing tall now. These long distant planets are slow moving, which create deep, major changes in and around our life. Use your armor to stand strong during the storms, but also to take advantage to make things right. If you haven’t already seen some of this taking place (depending on your own situations or natal chart), you may experience some rumbling disruptions as life’s mold gets a ‘good sweeping’.

And I recently wrote in a recent post, “This will be a preview of the comings attractions the of Uranus/Pluto square in two weeks, which will also uproot old issues, creating new challenges over the next few years. The important thing to remember is that there are opportunities inside of challenges. Without being aware of this, we can only submit to coming changes that are made up of chaos and conflicts. Over the Uranus/Pluto square, we can expect to witness major shifts with ground-breaking transformations in the government, world leaders, manufacturing, food processing, teaching and education, housing and properties, reproduction and birth control, bacteria, immunizations, and disease control, with stronger currents happening on earth and our weather system. Because Uranus and Pluto are distant planets, their moves are much more slower, causing their impact to be much more greater. But hey, don’t get your panties in a bunch. We can not stop tomorrow, it’s all a part of breaking barriers toward evolution. The only thing that matters is today, which is why it’s important to live it good, and to live it right”.

If we’re unaware of our new armor, we may feel uncomfortable with some vibrations near dinner as Moon begins to quincunx fiery Mars, and oppose gloomy Saturn rx. The night does end nicely as Moon sextiles positive Sun. “Great people are meteors, designed to burn so that the earth may be lighted.” Napoleon Bonaparte. Daily Tarot: Three of Cups, Five of Cups rx: What you need is a fresh outlook.

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