Cosmic Dirt Astrology, June 20, 2012, Because I Care That Much…, Cancer Sun

Without mindfulness on this summer solstice, we could experience some uncomfortableness as Moon squares strange Uranus, then oppose Pluto rx early this morning. But the day will require good communication skills on our part as Mercury squares Saturn rx at noon. The winds of change decide to turn direction. Frustrations can develop if we aren’t expressing ourselves correctly, or be willing to listen fully. Stubbornness while clinging onto old ways, will limit our growth. Find a way to negotiate and meet others half way. Recreate a new inner foundation, update agreements, and be through in written contracts. We could also run into some bumps while traveling, and experience some stuttering as we try to say what we mean. Random acts of kindness allow for opportunities as Venus rx sextiles Uranus. We are able to create peace and live in unity after all.

‘People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges’. Joseph F. Newton

As posted with yesterday’s Gemini New Moon, “Intentions that we cast out, should be related to the mutable sign of Gemini, to enhance our communication skills, to improve the way we think, how we use our words, our use of logic, wit and humor, including short travels, flexibility within ourselves, and friendships”. Utilize today to your advantage.

After four weeks of the Sun hanging out in the bachelor pad of Gemini, Sun will move into homey Cancer this evening. An abruptive shift happens as we move from ‘cold and distant’, to ‘warm and inviting’. The Cancer Sun helps us to get in touch with our emotions and sensitivities, as well as an easier way for others to reach us. For those in a healthier and happy place in their life, this can music to their ears… but for those who are still trying to heal, walls will built from excessive moodiness. The cardinal energies of the Cancer Sun are available for those who are ready to take action and control of their destiny. This is about movement and making things happen in personal development, family and loving relationships, along with work and career moves. Vibrations are available to nurture others, or to mother and have compassion for our wounded selves. Know your truth, to Own your power.

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