Cosmic Dirt Astrology, June 22, 2012

Sensitivities fluctuate as a number of confusing aspects shift, so stability will depend on our own inner strength as Luna moves protective and proud Leo. Doors open nicely as Moon sextiles happy Jupiter and affectionate Venus rx. Fine energy for romantic gestures, charming clients, meetings, and travel. Courage may feel tested as a voice within will question our own intentions as we are busy creating. How would you respond? As Luna trines influential Uranus later this afternoon, what’s to fear if we’re being true to the beating of our own heart?

Be sure to stay ‘in check’ with ourselves as a wicked storm brews for this weekend’s Uranus/Pluto rx square. Uranus rules technology and electric, back up computers, unplug them during possible lightning storms, be careful with electrical sockets, and be careful with heavy machinery and moving vehicles. Anything can happen. Safety first. Irritable skies will dare defensive Leo Moon, and somethings bound to budge or break. Breathe, and stay cool calm and collected. Allow great growth to happen.

If you are in the local westmoreland county area, the Blue Angels event is this weekend, and flying right above us, heehee!

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