Cosmic Dirt Astrology, June 23, 2012, The Sea of Love, Sun trine Neptune

We’re lending a helpful hand to others as Luna sextiles Saturn rx, while we also catch up on our own responsibilities around dinner. Rolling up our sleeves and getting dirty seems to be no problem. Later this evening, a beautiful blast of radiant rays shine down from the heavens as Sun trine the healing waters of Neptune. Love makes the world go round, and as we bring ourselves to the table, romance, friendships, inner faith, as well as self-love begins to restore. It feels as if we are experiencing something really powerful.. but are we, and is it real? With so much magic in the air, who cares. It just feels right. And the courageous Leo Moon is opening our heart and ready to take chances. Enjoy your swim in the sea of love.

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Graced with sweat, dirt and stardust from journeying the road less traveled; I became an Intuitive Life Consultant. Working with tarot, astrology, spirituality, psychic insights and other divination tools, I help to raise others through life and love. Namasté. ❤️