Cosmic Dirt Astrology, June 24, 2012 Extreme Changes, Uranus squares Pluto rx

As quick as Luna bids her goodbyes from righteous Leo, she steps into analytical Virgo. We’re assessing what we’ve created in the last few days, and putting order into our lives. Staying busy and productive under the Virgo Moon is comforting. This is favorable energy for organization in the home and office, creating order in checkbooks and financial paperwork, as well as enhancing our personal development and well-being. While there are two difficult squares with excessive Jupiter and indecisive Venus rx, we also have two generous trines to confident Sun and healing Pluto rx.

We can expect some tensions in the months ahead as Uranus squares Pluto rx. Uranus represents major changes and shocking surprises, while Pluto destroys to regenerate. Holding onto old patterns, status, and worn-out foundations will be much more difficult to hold onto. Uranus, also known as The Awakener, rebels against ‘what has been considered normal’, producing extreme changes that uncover new freedom, individuality, and the truth. Only in change can we grow and evolve. The continuing text is a recap from an earlier post

“…vibrations will begin to intensify as we prepare for a highly stressful Uranus/Pluto rx square this weekend. As I’ve noticed with many of my longtime customers, if the edge of chaotic breakdowns hasn’t recently happened, they are becoming a lot more closer than ever. Squares provide us with opportunities to overcome difficult obstacles, but we need to be reminded that great fortune lies in new directions ~ not in the same old worn-out pattens. As Uranus and Pluto square, Uranus is rebeling to inspire change, tired of routine and normal. Truth enables the flow of evolution. Have you felt it rising? And on the other hand, we have Pluto who naturally destroys, but in retrograde, she’s trying to hang on to what appears to be safe, rather than what is good for us, or right, as a whole. One of these two cosmic doors are calling out to us. It’s obvious that changes are necessary as we watch crisis unfold in issues regarding world leaders, government, religion, education, professionalism, large scale businesses, public status, homes, manufacturing, land,  nature, personal property, finances, family, tradition, parenting, values, electricity, freedom, computers, vehicles, alienation, technology, truth, and respect. As the planetary weather continues to debate and fight for something much bigger than ourselves, we may expect some radical weather patterns to begin to shift dramatically. As above. So below.

For additional guidance, we can see in the tarot as Uranus is represented in the Fool card. Our thoughts are guiding us, as we’ve been wondering and thinking about the need for change. We are our thoughts, and our thoughts create our world. We appear to be foolish, but change has become our calling. As you look at the individual who is about to walk off the cliff , change is right in front of us. But again, we are our thoughts, and although we may temporarily resist the natural flow of life, the one thing that is for certain – is that change will happen.

Pluto rules the Death card as seen in the image. It’s normally depicted as a very dark and scary card, even though we all know that death is completely natural, and just another part of life. Death happens when something has become so old, so routine, so toxic, and so rotted, that nothing else can grow – except death itself. And in death, reveals new life. Life is full of ever-changing experiences, otherwise we’d never grow, learn, or mature into levels of existence. Death requires a sacrifice, if new life is desired. Out of fear, we may try to avoid disastrous decisions and extreme changes, but have you truly thought of what may exist in the unknown, or on the other side? Yes, we could definitely crash and burn.. but only in the crash and burn can our inner phoenix truly rise, with a second chance at life and happiness”.

“The truth is not for all, but only for those who seek it.” Ayn Rand


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