Cosmic Dirt Astrology, June 27, 2012, Get Respect by ‘Owning It’, Venus Stations Direct

With the recent Uranus/Pluto rx square, the height of emotional response becomes enhanced as Luna squares destructive Pluto and arrogant Sun, while opposing spiteful Uranus. Basically with this kind of high intensity in weeks ahead, we can find ourselves in the midsts of experiencing either break-ups, break-downs, or break-throughs. But truly, storms are a part of life. We can either hide, or we can find a way to laugh and dance in them. To be happy, we must be able to accept what isn’t working anymore, and be willing to free ourselves from that which limits our true potential. Otherwise, we are choosing to sacrifice our own happiness.

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. George Orwell.

To compliment the recent forward shift from Taskmaster Saturn, we have Venus who stations direct today. For the past weeks, Venus retrograde pressed the ‘pause’ button on our love and money, so that we may seek within for what is truly important. In days ahead, the planets will begin to make a more prominent move, which can allow us to see a flow beginning to occur in our relationships, finances, and purchases. At the same time, we still need to escape shadow periods of these recent prompts, so use caution not to lose yourself in the weeks ahead. With Jupiter’s recent transit in Gemini, we’re learning to appreciate our personal space, along with the coming of new friendships, changes in scenery, fresh air, and new walks of life. As Pluto continues to retrograde over the summer, we may find fresh beginnings that bring new life worth the sacrifice it requires.

If we want love (Venus) and respect (Saturn), we need to BE love and respect. Be a genuine friend, Be an excellent lover, Give your very best, to Be your very best. Own your truth.

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