Cosmic Dirt Astrology, June 4 2012, Learning to Search Within, Sagittarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Neptune Retrograde,

There is much more activity happening within our cosmos today, which of course, causes much activity to happen to us here on earth. As above, So below. You have have already experienced the vibrations that have been slowly transmitting through our atmosphere in the last week or two. More sensitive and creative types have the potential of feeling the energetic waves coming in much earlier. While we can honor and celebrate the celestial events that occur today, at the same time, some of us may experience a great sigh of of relief as this great shove from the heavens, somewhat similar to when a storm finally breaks. The Full Moon that happens today signifies a manifestation that is in full bloom. What we have been investing our time and energy into, develops into the truth of the matter and releases in its best way known, whether it words, actions, or signs.

With the Full Ecliptic Moon in fiery Sagittarius, our emotions and their connected behaviors are fueled to pop and explode. Okay, it’s a gross example, but I am fond of the extreme lol. But it’s like watching to see what direction a pimple is going to take. We know that the pressure and contents that are being ‘silently withheld’ will eventually splat. When and where, will be up to us, or left at the hands of the universe. How you will react, is what matters most. In Sagittarius, we are bound to get the truth that we hunger for. We will usually know what we have to do to make things right, and we also know when to walk away when the situations/individuals prove to be unresponsive to the knowledge provided in reality and wisdom.

So in regards to what will explode, could it be frustration from not being heard? Absolutely, especially with a square to angry Mars square Venus retrograde. We want what we want. But by choosing the higher road, we can communicate and listen, rather than react, for it is here where we receive much information to help us find true direction. With today’s Lunar Eclipse, we can see the consequences of our actions (or lack of them), majorly released and magnified immensely for over the next three to six months. Whether we like the change or not, it is for our own growth.

“The world is won by those who let it go.” ~Zen Proverb

Neptune, the planet of divinity, will retrograde today near dinner. What we have been dreaming, imagining, and helping others with, goes on pause. Until November, we shall save our compassion, prayers, and emotions for ourselves. This is our moment of healing the self. Creations of artistic pursuits take on a different meaning for us as we reach within to love and reconnect with our own soul. Without strong grounding, we need to be careful as to not deceive ourselves during the Neptune retrograde. Unnecessary confusion can lead us to toward escapism, suffering, codependency, along with addictions to our favorite poisons. This is our own personal journey within, to learn,understand, to relate and rediscover our true inner source. “People change and forget to tell each other”. Lillian Hellman. Daily Tarot: Eight of Cups, Six of Cups: We’re ready to come home.

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Wandering onto roads less traveled, I followed the calling of an Intuitive Reader and Life Consultant. Graced with dirt and stardust, I call on the wisdom of the tarot, astrology, spirituality and the divination arts... to help those who seek insight, advice and guidance. ❤


  1. Wowzers!
    Course, we all could try to remember & take responsibility for our co-orchestration / co-authoring how life unfolds.
    Having read the Cosmic Dirt interpretation of today’s events, wanted to simply say Thank You for sharing these INsights. Isn’t life beautifully glorious? 🙂 I consider myself most fortunate to Be Here/Now! (-:
    My Lady… You are Loved, Suzi!
    ~Namaste~ /(*_*)\

  2. I agree with you, the present is where it is at. 🙂 You totally rock Annie, thank you. xx


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