Cosmic Dirt Astrology, June 7 2012, Because Saying We Care, Means.., Mercury enters Cancer, Sun square Mars

Some changes can be expected as Mercury leaves sociable Gemini, and enters into shy Cancer this morning. The communication expert will find himself out of his element and a bit soggy in the Cancerian wetlands for the next three weeks. This can influence us with uncertainties and a reason for caution, if we are blurred from seeing what is real. Information that is able to reach us under this very sensitive cycle, can leave us communicating love and/or insecurities. Saying that we care, means something different to everyone. It can mean we are loving, or that we are weak to others. Caring requires understanding, while for others it creates vulnerable danger zones. Tread softly. This sort of confusion can temporarily steer us back to our comfort zones, simply because it’s safe. We can assume ourselves as the victim, and completely sabotage our own growth ~ which is why it is important to utilize this loving vibration at it’s very best. Think compassion, Be genuine. Speak kindly, Spread love.

We feel optimistic as Moon trines to cheerful Jupiter, then as Luna shifts into humanitarian Aquarius, we may feel the need to share our good fortune with others. Later tonight, storm clouds begin to roll in as Sun squares feisty Mars. Prove our intentions can really get out of hand, which may feel like bullying. There is a lot of ego contained in this particular energy, and if it isn’t handled maturely, the shite could hit the fan. Patience is the key, and so is doing the ‘right’ thing. “If I accept the sunshine & warmth, then I must also accept the thunder & lightning” Kahlil Gibran. Daily Tarot: The High Priestess, Queen of Pentacles: There is wealth in knowledge.

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