Cosmic Dirt Astrology, March 2, 2012, Words on Fire, Mercury enters Aries

Another cosmic event happens today as the ‘communication specialist’ Mercury enters the fiery pit of Aries. For the next three weeks, our thought-processing and the way we transmit information takes a major turn… from soaked, to stoked. Where we may have been under a cloud of illusion or enchantments for the last few weeks… we’re mentally fighting the fog and fantasy now, for what is true and genuine. Taking charge of our life and happiness becomes important, instead of assuming to be the victim. Our mind is on fire, so we’re enthusiastic and ready to speed into fast forward. What we speak is naturally raw, with the potential to burn. Without being mindful of the way we approach and respond to others now, situations could really get provoked. An outpour of what we’ve been witnessing that could ignite truthful conversations, or major disagreements. Be careful as to how we express ourselves, especially since we have fallen into the shadow of Mercury retrograde.

While miscommunications and misunderstandings are highly possible in the weeks ahead, this is actually a very good time to remedy communication problems. Speak clearly from the heart, but more importantly, be a good listener. On the same note, if something (or someone) has been running on it’s least leg, you can be sure you won’t be able to ignore it much more longer as we weather cosmic changes that are vibrating from this Mercury shift. Start looking into getting your computer backed up, as well as taking care of mishaps with technical toys, faulty appliances, unclear messages, unreliable vehicles, and squeaky machinery. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Our inner barometer also shifts as Moon enters her natural home in vibrational Cancer. We’re more liable to hold on and take things more personally, so it may be helpful to envision a shield that protects us from experiencing someone else’s storm. Behaviors may be nervous and/or sporadic as Luna squares Mercury and Uranus. Create something positive today, by simply changing something within ourselves, as we should be able to find balance as Moon trines nicely with responsible Saturn, dreamy Neptune, healing Chiron, and joyous Jupiter. “I wonder if illiterate people get the full effect of alphabet soup?’” Jerry Seinfield. Tarot guidance from Ace of Cups rx, Ten of Cups: Change the way you experience the connections around you.

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