Cosmic Dirt Astrology, March 20 2012, First Breath of Fire, Spring Equinox, Sun In Aries, International Astrology Day

We celebrate a change in the season with todays Spring Equinox. This cycle generates fresh beginnings, birth, and new vitality. Just as we look to earth, to see her wake and rise from the winter darkness, we too are ready to wake and rise. What we have been fantasizing about with the Sun in Pisces for the past month, also begins to stir as Sun marches into Aries today. As we awaken from dreams, realization shines on what may have been just an illusion, or of true potential. Pisces is the last zodiac sign, which represents endings, and to let go and move forward.

With Sun in Aries, this gives us a fresh astrological year, and a new cycle ~ which is so ideal, since today is also International Astrology Day! We can either repeat old lessons with better insight, or we can courageously discover new roads for happiness in this year ahead. It is our choice. If we choose to make up excuses or blame, there is no doubt that the past has successfully locked us into another year of old patterns. This is the importance of recognizing today for what it is: today. Each day that we have, is truly a gift – which is why we call it the present. We choose to suffer when we keep yesterdays memories alive. We should rejoice in the brand new day that we have been given, to make things right, and to make each day count.

As we look to the horizon and watch the new day take birth with the Aries Sun. We lead ourselves into a new direction, a new life. Beginnings feel much easier and more natural. We are excited about what lies ahead in the unknown, which speaks to the child within. Hearts beat harder and faster from fear and excitement. Which do YOU choose? Why not experience both? Welcome and celebrate this new astrological year. Take your first breath of fire, the new day of the rest of your life. Aries is ruled by warrior Mars, a burning ball of energy and passion. If we are present and in the moment, our spirit will catch flame in this fiery force, allowing us to become a powerful impact in our own future.

The brakes are still applied as our foot is on the gas as Saturn, Mars, and Mercury are retrograde – but this is to our benefit. Creating smarter steps and using our energy more wisely hould be on the agenda, rather than simply plowing ahead with potential for mistakes. Retrogrades allow us to find remedies.. and when we do, the flow to move forward will happen naturally, and with much ease. Listen quietly to emotions today, as the Pisces Moon vibrates deeply into our needs. Emotional closures will release us from darkness, if we want to dream big and come into the light. “The first duty of love is to listen.” Paul Tillich. Tarot guidance from Six of Swords, Justice rx: We’re under the assumption that things will improve.

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