Cosmic Dirt Astrology, March 22 2012, My Eternal Flame, Aries New Moon

Deep emotions and hidden desires are being stirred today as Moon enters into pioneering Aries. To get what we need, we may be ready to cross over limited boundaries in order to step onto fresh, unfamiliar territories. Under the Aries Moon, we have an urge to experience excitement and the thrill, and we can get this by embracing our courage to face fears. This is favorable energy for taking on challenges, beginnings, new projects, and discovering new routes to get us where we are going. As Luna conjuncts Mercury rx (thoughts, communications), Sun (identity, ego), and Uranus (change, reform) ~ we may experience a prominent shift thats dares us to take control of our direction in life.

As Luna conjuncts Sun, a new cosmic event is stirred which forms the New Moon. With this particular timing, a great power is produced in darkness and the unseen. What we hold most important inside of us: our deepest desires, hidden secrets, and most private thoughts will form a new seed within us. As we hold onto these specific thoughts and feelings, we tightly wrap ourselves around them, nurturing our seed with all that we are experiencing. Then over the next four weeks, our seed develops and grows into our potential and motivation, and what a great way to kick off the Spring Equinox. This is why it is always important to be in control of our own thoughts and feelings, for they truly determine our true direction.. not the outside forces. Staying true to ourselves can be aided with tools such as affirmations. As we carefully create a positive statement to map out our goal, we can remind ourselves daily with our plan of action, to avoid temptations that will distract us onto other paths. Perhaps your March Tarotscope could be of assistance.

The New Moon takes place in Aries, so our intentions and magical words should include its cardinal energy with: creativity, leadership, courage, passion, enterprise, as well unstoppable. We are encouraged to control ourselves and our own destiny, because our magic is only for our own assistance. If we try to control others and our surroundings, the shadow side of Aries may occur, like selfishness, impatience, and explosion. A positive affirmation may be ‘I am a successful entrepreneur of my happiness’, or ‘I am the designer for the world that I create’.

Aries is ruled by fireball Mars, who is currently retrograde. The key statement for Aries is: ‘I am’. Determine who you are, to create where you are going. Do not look to your outer world (like your friends, family, work, etc) to decide this for you. The retrograde and the Dark Moon require us to look deep inside of our own heart and soul, so that we may truly ‘see’ our image. If we can genuinely do this, then we can understand that we are capable of transforming our reflection, to recreate our personal version of happiness. We are all skilled survivors because of our eternal flame. Celebrate and love yourself today. “When you have nothing left to burn, you must set yourself on fire”. Dr. Jack Kevorkian. Tarot guidance from Ten of Wands rx, Nine of Cups: Accept yourself, by honoring your past.

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