Cosmic Dirt Astrology, March 23, 2012, To Create Love, Remember Compassion, Mercury re-enters Pisces

While there are those who want the rest of us to take care of their duties (and baggage) for them, we need to remind ourselves of the inner strength that is built when we become responsible for our personal self. Mature behavior is what creates integrity. As Luna squares demanding Pluto in the early hours, remember to expect less of others, and more from ourselves. We can only fix ourselves. The Aries Moon will keep us reactive if our boundaries are threatened. Self-control is the key. And as in yesterday’s article for the Aries New Moon, we should be nurturing our own eternal flame. As we understand our everlasting potential, we can never be lost or alone again.

Mercury also continues to retrograde, and re-enters compassionate Pisces. As we rethink about all that has been created and decided in our lives, memories can haunt us and confuse our direction. If life seems to have come to a halt, this cosmic pause allows us to reconsider the steps we have chosen, like a do-over. We may overlook and accept the imperfections that we have seen. And as our thoughts and words return back to comforting waters, love becomes the logical answer. Mending broken or misunderstood relationships is possible, if we are sympathetic enough to realize that we all make mistakes. If we can remove some of the excuses and blame, we are left with nothing but love and forgiveness. Allow imagination to believe in the impossible. “If you judge people, you have no time to love them.” Mother Teresa. Tarot guidance from Tower rx, King of Pentacles: Be accountable for your defects.

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