Cosmic Dirt Astrology, May 15 2012, The Bitch is Back, Venus Retrograde

We’re lending a helpful hand as Luna harmonies graciously with opportunist Jupiter and popular Sun. With a square to Venus, we may get much more than we expected. Venus will station retrograde for the next six weeks. Venus is the Love Goddess, and she presses the ‘pause button’ on any forward movement and/or growth in our love and money. In retrograde, rather than providing others with all of our love and support, we are given this opportunity to reconnect with ourselves, so that we may reassess our lives and relationships, in order to value self-love. During this cycle, we can experience temporary separations and distance in both our relationships and our work situations. Retrogrades appear to move in reverse, so we may be looking back at our past with a wonder of ‘what might have been’, if we had only been more appreciative or respectful to what truly mattered. Some of us could bump into old flames, historic friendships, and estranged loved ones that we lost touch with. And although this is a time for healing, there is a dark side to Venus retrograde. Some may be in a position where they are willing to sacrifice, manipulate, or dominate, just to curb their hunger. Weaker individuals who have an uncontrollable craving for pleasures and ‘the easy life’ are easily seduced by temptations. Greed may be unsatisfied, but still abused. Quality over quantity matters. Later this evening, we’re ready to make our dreams come alive as Moon enters into fearless Aries. “I’m tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.” Madonna. Daily Tarot: Hierophant rx, Four of Cups rx: Beware of flaws in the system.

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