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Cosmic Dirt Astrology, May 16 2012

With today’s Aries Moon, we are staying busy and making life happen. We’re fired up with what we’re creating, which is ultimately helping us to find direction. As Moon conjuncts electrifying Uranus this morning, then a square controlling Pluto retrograde, we’re probably not going to let anyone  get in our way. If two powerful locomotives are heading for each other, it’s best to step to the side and let them pass. Save the energy for creating, not bullying. Shortly after, our efforts to rise above has successful results as Mars trines Pluto rx. The universe smiles fondly upon us as we declutter and make room for blessings. “Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever”. Kerri Russell. Daily Tarot: Six of Cups, Wheel of Fortune: Feel the change happening.

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  1. Dr Renee LaScala says:

    Spot on! Shredding old records, receipts, statements, notes–past legal/tax retention time.. Bittersweet experience for a Cancer. I can remember what we wore and ate at restaurants 12 years ago!