Cosmic Dirt Astrology, May 24 2012, Thoughts of Connecting, Mercury enters Gemini

We are struck with an urge to act as Moon forms a friendly sextile with energetic Mars this morning. Right actions create positive energy and opportunities for growth. Mercury also returns to his natural home in Gemini for the next three weeks. The energy of the communication expert (Mercury) is placed in the surroundings of the social butterfly (Gemini), increasing the activity of both our thoughts and our words. As we tend to think more at this time, we gain an interest in collecting fresh information, along with the latest news. We get out of our comfort zone to blend with the world, while also learning through the research of reading books and/or the internet, going back to school, taking classes, paying for the advice and knowledge of professionals, as well as socializing and getting the opinions of friends and loved ones. We have thoughts of connecting, and we’re seeking ways to better relate, and overcome language barriers.

During this period, we also need to acknowledge that Mercury also has his shadow side. Be aware of thoughts and words that we share with others, for we can over-think, over-analyze, and over-imagine. Overloaded with too much information, we can easily become confused and have a hard time separating the facts from opinions, judgments, and useless gossip. Snake charmers, thieves, and liars use cleverness to convince and trick those who simply trust, without questions or actual proof. As Venus retrogrades, ‘we want what we want’, and some may stoop to poor behavior to get it. If you don’t have a thinking hat with a pair of good listening ears, it’s a good time to develop one.

It’s important to stay occupied and productive during this time as well. Gemini is the sign of the twins, and we can think as if we are two individuals, collecting information from two perspectives, rather than just one. We’re using both sides of out brains. We can also find more enjoyment in our own company, without feeling alone or needy of others. Mercury is a mover and the winged messenger, as suggested with the latest solar eclipse and new moon. Mercury rules the hands, shoulders, arms, lungs, and nerves. Without the proper amount of movement or growth, we can become antsy, restless, worryful, anxious, and experience sleep problems. Find balance through exercising good judgment, relying on facts, improving your food intake and fitness, stimulating your humor resources, along with maintaining your calmness and well-being through meditation. Don’t talk to your God about the size of your problems, talk to your problems about the size of your God”. Joel Osteen. Daily Tarot: Four of Wands rx, Ten of Wands rx: Laziness forfeits happiness.

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