Cosmic Dirt Astrology, May 28 2012, Memorial Day

We’re encouraged to assess our sensitivities that we have as Moon enters practical Virgo this morning. As we connect with Mother Earth, our eye is much more keen on details, and we’re able to distinguish what is real, and what isn’t. As Sun forms a positive sextile with electric Uranus, opportunities are available as we put our bright ideas and unique personality out there for others to see. By dinner, we should flow with the currents as emotions become disagreeable with the ego as Moon squares proud Sun. We can become worriful and anxious as Moon squares Mercury, but with self-control, we’re pleased with the results as Moon trines healing Pluto. During your fun get-togethers at parties and picnics today, please remember to take a few minutes in silence. Quietly honor and thank those who have sacrificed their all, in order to keep us and our country well-protected. “If you cannot be a poet, be the poem”. David Carradine. Daily Tarot: King of Cups, Page of Swords rx: Be considerate anyway.

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About Suzi Dronzek

Wandering the road less traveled has graced me with cosmic dirt and stardust; which helps me, to help others. As an Intuitive Life Consultant, I work with intuitive psychic senses, tarot, astrology, spirituality, energy sensitivity & other divine tools for readings, advice & guidance.