Cosmic Dirt Astrology, May 4 2012

Our connection with others will flow nicely as Moon trines gentle Venus this morning, but as Luna opposes confused Mercury, thoughts and words can get ahead of us, steering us off course. Today’s Libra Moon is favorable for relating with others, and with ourselves. It’s not about creating emotional attachments, but about connecting on a friendly level of human decency. Many forget this important quality, leaving one feeling suffocated, while the other is gasping for fresh air. By grasping too heavily onto the emotional part of our relationships, we place too much emphasis on our own cravings, which will upset the scales of balance. In our most comfortable relationships; our loved ones, partners, family members, and friends, we should always be mindful of our own actions and words. Simply having manners and being polite to each other matters. It’s what attracts us from the very beginning. If we lose our ability to be a little courteous, we allow ourselves to become irresponsible and dependent, encouraging a lack of respect ~ which is the cement that keeps bonds strong. As Moon conjuncts karmic Saturn, clouds can either depress us, or we can appreciate and learn from them.

Tonight, Moon will creep into the dark corners of Scorpio, increasing our need to withdraw and nurture our soul. As Luna continues to swell for tomorrow’s Full Moon event, the weight on our heart can also weighs heavy. We can experience more than we care to, which will require a major release of control. To be fully happy and not lose yourself, what would the ultimate sacrifice be under this coming Scorpio Moon? Perhaps some insight may be found in the May 2012 Tarotscopes“There is only one good: knowledge. And one evil: ignorance”. Socrates. Daily Tarot: Six of Wands, Page of Wands rx: Despite a clumsy approach, results look good.

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