Cosmic Dirt Astrology, May 8 2012, Fire and Ice, Mars Quincunx Uranus

There could be strange, spontaneous encounters as Mars quincunx Uranus today in the earlier hours. As a storm cloud brews, the winds of change are just around the corner. Like a clash between hot and cold, possible disagreements or confrontations can be stirred, to create something different than the path we are on. Mars is angry and creating, while Uranus is defiant and rebelling, Depending on your birth chart or your individual situation, something could break as Jupiter steps in. This vibration can be uncomfortable, so it is suggested to slow down and at least use caution ~ just in case. A careful approach can avoid mishaps that develop from sending out the wrong signals. An unusual weather system could be in the making, as well as fender benders, electrical fires, or stairwell slips. Find a way to creatively adjust into new grounds and alternative paths. If you’re familiar with my intuitive tremors that I randomly post on Twitter and Facebook, we may possibly experience an earth storm or #earthquake in the next few days. I posted a ‘feeling’ that came through earlier today at 12:32pm, and as I post this, a few more have managed to grab my attention.

The Sagittarian Moon extends her own heat, and we may may be quick to voice ourselves in a big way if the wrong buttons are pushed. Instead, we should have our listening ears on and learn something from is being expressed today.. whether this be from a situation, and individual, or from our own instincts. By staying quiet and still, we will gain insight for direction. Later this evening, sensitivities calm as Luna sextiles constructive Saturn, with a fortunate trine to persuasive Mercury. As Moon enters tough Capricorn, we’re able to ground and gravitate back to the earth. “Healing is not forcing the sun to shine, but letting go of that which blocks the light.” S. Levine. Daily Tarot: Four of Wands, Death: We’re stepping out from our comfort zone.

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