Cosmic Dirt Astrology November 23, Unpredictable Change, Mars Square Uranus

Expect the unexpected. Something inside, desires and requires more. This strange craving ignites spontaneously, which forces new changes (and potential) in direction. Mars is powerful energy force, and he’s got a heavy foot that helps us to aggressively move forward in life. With Mars in ambitious Capricorn – we’re most likely pulling out the heavy equipment (the ‘big guns’) in order to shape stronger grounds for our own personal needs.

As this fireball forms uncomfortable vibrations with re-inventive Uranus rx and transformative Pluto, impatience and irritability may be experienced at high levels for the rest of the month, especially as we brace ourselves between the eclipses. Without self-control or careful actions, inner chaos with sporadic explosions may be possible, shocking tempers, electrical fires, ground breaking changes, including stormy weather and earth patterns.

On that note, change is not negative, nor is it meant to be feared. Change is progressive movement, which liberates us from what we’ve attached ourselves to. Change is a natural part of life that allows for evolution. Uranus the Awakener alerts us to wake up from our relaxed state of mind. We may assume that the regular routines and patterns that we normally follow could be a bit abnormal today, leaving us a bit off-balance. What should we do? Stay alert, and don’t fall asleep at the wheel – in life or travel – to avoid pressing on the gas, wrong turns, clumsy falls, or other freak accidents waiting to happen. Be sure to breathe to stay calm and composed.

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all. Oscar Wilde

Try to plan ahead, rather than act too quickly because the steps that we take will be more determined. Take hold of the steering wheel, and use this passionate force in a way to create universal beauty. For those who are frustrated and stuck in a rut, this cosmic energy can benefit in ways to break us free from the chains that limit our growth. Find a solution by expecting more creativity and originality from our own side of the table, and not someone else’s. This is about individual change. Bypass breakdowns and design a breakthrough.


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