Cosmic Dirt Astrology, November 26, Pressure May Cause Some Bleeding, Mercury Stations Direct, Venus Conjunct Saturn, Mars conjunct Pluto

After three weeks of retrograde, Mercury finally stations direct today. We have faced miscommunications, errors, and misunderstandings head-on, along with possible breakdowns in our relationships, technical toys, computers, mobile devices, machinery, appliances, and vehicles. Under the recent weeks of the retrograde, we were to ‘step back’, to remember, reanalyze and relearn, so that we could resolve misinterpretations. If we have approached the situation correctly, things should make more sense as to where mixups developed. Communications will begin to shift into normal gear again, which will allow us to take what we have learned, to speak more clearly and say what we mean. Green lights are just up ahead for agreements, signing contracts, and for making major purchases – but be careful not to jump on it too quickly – because we will still be under Mercury’s tricky shadow for the next three weeks. We can continue to proceed, but we must do so with caution, by reading the fine print, and becoming a good listener.

Clarity with confidence will increase positive results as Sun (ego, identity) harmonizes nicely Uranus (change, revolution). Our inner light shines as we trust our own truth and uniqueness. Doors open when we hold a mind that is both open and flexible. Favorable energy for leadership roles, popularity contests, brainstorming ideas, and a better perspective of things. For whatever reason, this has remind me of some very old lyrics from a Ray Stevens tune, ‘Everything is beautiful, In it’s own way’.

And what matters most will be taken to a much more seriously level this evening as Venus (love, money, values) conjuncts Saturn (discipline, responsibilities). Look for the quiet beauty that exists in stability. We are faced with the reality of life, and that love isn’t just a pretty bed of roses. To survive the rougher storms (which the fairytales fail to share), we must nurture and take care of what we love and trust. Solid commitment comes from deep appreciation, that is developed through years of hard work and patience, hard work and dedication, and more hard work. Some could feel the depressive energy that Saturn delivers, which may be the cold hard truth of the reality that we have built. Either way,  we may get a good sample that there’s always room for improvement – and that’s NOT a bad thing – if we love and respect what we have. And as Saturn transits ‘All or Nothing’ Scorpio, agreements will be more accepted if our blood is the ink in our signature.

Let everything happen to you, beauty and terror, no feeling is final. Ranier Maria Rilk

So between the transformative Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, and this week’s Full Lunar Eclipse, there may be some very tense vibrations that could be too tough for some to bear. Some pressure will be applied as aggressive Mars and demanding Pluto form a conjunction tomorrow afternoon. This is a cosmic showdown between two very powerful energies. There’s a lot of ego and anger, that is willing to play dirty to win and gain power. These two heavy weights are quite familiar with intense aggression, and neither are willing to back down. Keep in mind with this celestial activity that when it comes to an ‘eye for an eye’, there are no winners.

Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely. Buddha

Cardinal energies will continue to build pressure for the next few years. If we can take the higher road, and STAY on this path, we will find ourselves digging toward a much darker place – where the true root of our pain and suffering bleeds. Be aware that change is in the air. Learn to choose words and actions carefully, to determine the outcome and direction. And while we can’t stop evolution, we CAN choose the best vehicle for this eventful ride AND the best route. Which road will you choose to travel: the scenic route that requires patience, appreciation of the journey, and a back up thermos of hot coffee.. or the fast-paced highway that encourages competition, ego, and head on collisions?


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  1. Jan Childress says

    Suzi, I just want to Thank You So Very Much for all your insight in all things Astrological & I so enjoy your turn of words as you truly are an elegant & excellent wordsmith! I also marvel & appreciate the time it takes to create your posts & then find just the right & perfect quote to attached to many of them! Just had to stop everything & express my gratitude for all you do for all of us!! Thanks a Million you are Appreciated So Very Much! In the sense of full disclosure, I’m a Capricorn Sun, Pisces Moon, Scorpio Rising. Much Love & Kudos To You, Jan