Cosmic Dirt Astrology November 28, Staying Emotionally Flexible by Flexing the Truth, Lunar Eclipse, Full Gemini Moon

The Full Moon Goddess silently bursts into a ball of emotions today. She gives birth to the delicate seed that we’ve been quietly nurturing for the last two weeks. Since the recent Solar Eclipse/Scorpio New Moon, we’ve been pouring our thoughts and sensitivities into this small seed, where our intentions have been slowing growing and increasing strength.

What had been lurking in darkness, comes into full light. Luna spreads her sacred light upon all that has been unseen… to bring emotions, secrets, and answers into full illumination. Nothing can be hidden now, including the truth. It is time that we come out into the light, to do our best, so that we may shine.

With the Full Moon in Gemini, we can find what we need in ways of communications, socializing, sharing information, relating with one another, friendships, and in short travels. The winds of change are upon us, and we have a choice as to the direction of flow. Then as the full-blown energy takes it’s proper place, this heavenly light will begin to decrease again. And only here is where we will find much needed rest, as we accept the final results as an end to a cycle.

The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off. Gloria Steinem

Todays Lunar Eclipse will intensely magnify many of the vibrations, to enhance the experience. These energetic vibes are more reactive and powerfully changing, which bring on its own sense of death or closure. We’ve been sitting right between two eventful eclipses for the last two weeks; the Solar Eclipse on November 13, and todays Lunar Eclipse. Many of us may have felt ‘out of touch’ confused or dizzy during this unstable shift. Have you felt yourself feeling out of place too?

Eclipses are well-known for their delivery of chaotic shifts, major transformations, and endings. The Solar Eclipse will ‘power up’ finales, so that major changes can propose new beginnings. Todays Lunar Eclipse will ‘power up’ our memories and emotional needs – which is usually be the final negotiator for women and for highly sensitive individuals. We may have been pondering more about our needs in recent days, understanding what we can not do without. With this knowledge, we are forced to make a sacrifice. Letting go, so that we may receive. For more insight, look at the lighted house in your chart, where truth and the Gemini Full Moon Eclipse light up at six degrees.

The energy of an eclipse will usually vibrate for up to three to six months. I have always found it handy to write down my notes, and to attach them to a calendar, so that I may keep track of signs and outcomes. Eclipses tend to work on a deep, spiritual level. We assume that the chaos is on the outside, when in reality, it is happening on the inside. This transformational process causes a flux between the ego and the heart. As inner changes begin to develop and take place, we begin to unfold, and reconnect our own truth. Our core must try to adjust on the inside, while still trying to adapt to the outside world. Adjustments will be necessary. The Gemini Moon will increase our need to communicate information and ideas, rather than to act on them. By allowing flexibility into our sensitivities with a dash or two of clever wit, we will most likely create a distraction to stall for some additional time.

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

As we go through this regenerative process, it may feel like an uneasy separation from our self as Jupiter retrogrades in Gemini. We may be reaching out for others, when we should trust ourselves more. With Mercury stationed direct, a lack of certainty in direction may trigger anxiety with uneasy rest. Add the influence of bonding Venus/Saturn, creative Mars/Pluto, and healing Saturn/Neptune… and this full house could cause that leads us to feeling claustrophobic and out of control. The keyword in the days/weeks/months ahead will be transformation. Don’t fight it… flowwwww with it. Learn to let go of fears, to reach for something brighter. In times of chaos, comes evolution.. and what was thought to be embedded in stone, stirs new life.

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