Cosmic Dirt :: Breaking Dawn, Uranus Pluto Square, Sun in Gemini

Be an example of originality and truth.Sun in Gemini. This week starts with a grand burst of powerful energy as the Sun moves out from the heavy earth vibrations of Taurus, and into lightweight Gemini on Monday, May 20. As the Sun moves through Gemini, he also joins Venus (values, love, money), and Mercury (thoughts, communications), and Jupiter (expansion). Many of us should already begin to feel new energy picking up generously, while leaving a dragging mode behind. With the Sun in Gemini, we lead ourselves from what we’ve become familiar with, by getting out more, finding new hot spots, while socializing and creating new friendships. By sharing ourselves and connecting with others, we can better learn how to communicate increases our confidence, which is so vital to our spirit.

Inhale love, exhale gratitude.

Uranus square Pluto. Also happening this week on Monday, May 20, is the Uranus square Pluto. What makes this aspect much more challenging is the the fact that outer planets move incredibly slow, therefore the effects from their vibrations are much more penetrating, intense, and long-lasting. Uranus (The Awakener) encourages us to rebel in ways that allow us to update what has gone stale – so that we may be example of our own originality and truth. With Uranus in Aries, we are braving new heights so that we may evolve and become the captain of our own ship. Pluto (The Transformer) helps us to recognize the decay in our lives, so that we may purge what ails us – so that we may heal. With Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, our own foundation is under the microscope, as we become one with our disease. As Saturn (The Taskmaster) also retrogrades, we learn how to pick up the pieces as restrictions demand restructuring. Karmic lessons from the soul are distributed as Saturn transits intense Scorpio, while a magical Saturn/Neptune trine helps us to reconnect with ourselves as a whole.

The winds of change are upon us now. The rumblings from this cosmic storm intend to disturb whatever control that we may think that we have, and this includes the path in our direction. Severe weather alerts may continue to be in the forecast, accidents and fires in the news, along with issues with computers, technology, and electrical power. Chaos (Uranus) and destruction (Pluto) are key words to describe this particular energy, which is leading us toward an intense elimination. The recent Solar Eclipse magnifies our experiences, while intensifying our emotions. These powerful vibrations ripple toward major changes, so that we adjust our inner nature. And sure, some of us may assume that this is a ‘horribly gone wrong’ dead end. Or we can try to understand that there’s a genuine purpose behind it all. Just as the darkness of night, breaks into the dawn. And if we aren’t willing to do what is necessary for our own growth and happiness, you can bet that the heavens will have no problem doing it for us.

Everyone carries around his own monsters. Richard Pryor

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