Cosmic Dirt ~ Creating Direction, Mars enters Gemini

Abstract is Divine.Along with Mercury (communications, thoughts) shifting into Cancer on Friday May 31, Mars (energy, action) also steps up his game as he moves through Gemini for the next six weeks. Mars is the mover and the shaker, to help us get things done, but you may have not accomplished ‘as much’ as you would have liked to. In the last few weeks, Mars had been plowing in the thorough, but determined energy of Taurus. It’s a mode that states, ‘if I’m going to be spending my time, energy, and/or cash on it – then I’m going to do it right’. Perfect energy to do what needs our attention, because again, it’s slow and detailed. But Mars in Taurus may have dragged some of us down in it’s heaviness. We may have finished a good chunk of priorities, while odd and ends were put on the side because we didn’t have enough ‘gas’ to do it all. We may have been tired by putting a good work day, but it should’ve helped to make us more aware of an improved wellness schedule with a healthier diet, quality fitness, and meditation. All about quality, not quantity. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so as we love and support others, we have been reminded to not forget to love and take care of ourselves in the process.

Now that the more serious stuff has been addressed and taken care of – Mars shifts into Gemini. This particular energy is light and breezy, with nothing weighted down to hold us back. Goodbye sluggishness. With Mars traveling through this airy element, we should find ourselves with much more space to do as we please. We’ll be getting out more, walking, driving, taking trips, socializing with friends while making new ones, placing more phone calls and texts, writing letters, journaling, using our voice, and just being more neighborly.

Mars in Gemini is stimulating and exciting, encouraging us to find a variety of ways to get us moving and fired up. We’re making life happen by taking the initiative to reach out again, associating with others; to connect. As we move, we create ripples that lead into change. We’re able to experience the excitement of our heart pumping again, our passions breathing a new flame – to get us back into life again.

Mars is aggressive energy that is raw, sexual, and direct – but in nonchalant Gemini, the excitement could also get lost – as Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) enters the shadow of its retrograde this month. And with Mercury in Cancer, we aren’t as clear with our intentions, which can mislead as well. If the energy is not channeled and routed carefully, the energy will carelessly spread out onto other terrains – creating confusion, misunderstandings, gossip, curiosity and straying, along with accidents, and mistakes. Once things get out of hand, the power of Mars’ fire and fury will be hard to control in chatty Gemini, which could lead conversations of sarcasm, heated disagreements, spite, forceful demands, and bullying words.

It reminds me of a powerful locomotive that is charging full steam ahead, with a fork up ahead in the road. Full blown desires will force us to choose, which will lead us onto a new path. Weather changes are enhanced, as the winds of change gain great strength. Choose your fight carefully – and your words wisely.

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