Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Are You Maxed Out? Friday April 15 Tax Day

There are only a few aspects that may confuse us emotionally, but if we keep ourselves grounded, as well as flexible, we should be able to handle the day just fine. Luna is still in penny-pinching Virgo, meaning we will feel a need to concentrate on every single.. little.. minor… detail. Normally our mind will want to move forward, but the Virgo Moon can be quite the worrier when we mentally focus on the specifics, while over-analyzing trivial information, and assuming the ‘what if’s’. It could be a bit more nerve-wracking as Virgo’s ruler Mercury is retrograde, and we’re trying to remember everything that we must do for today, bit not forget what we need to do tomorrow, while we’re rechecking things over in our past, and double-checking it all – just to be sure. The wiring in our brain may be a bit funky if we allow it to control of us, rather than us controlling it. So who knows what some will be thinking and trying to say at this time – and again as Mercury retrogrades in Aries. We may see some expressing their self-entitled rights, creating harsh accusations, challenging and threatening others, including online attacks and cyber-bullying. It’s all this fiery energy that is still heating things up, whether that be one’s temper or passion – which is what Mars and the other planets in Aries is ALL about, as he fights to be first in line. So yeah, there’s stress and tension in the air. Behaving outwardly and boldly will no doubt cause more misunderstanding, which Mercury retrograde is famous for. We need to ‘inhale our thoughts and words back’, to re-evaluate what we are actually trying to communicate. For example, are our words kind as we seek to find a good solution for all? Or are we sending out fighting words to satisfy our own personal needs? If we’re fighting, we’re fighting to hold onto something that isn’t working for us anymore, instead of letting go… which has Pluto retrograde observing all of this from behind the scenes.

Otherwise, it’s an awesome time to review and re-wire what’s gone wrong. So wherever we are mentally, we’ll feel it emotionally. Then we can multiply that with the magnification of Sunday’s Full Moon – increasing the gravitational pull of what we send out into the universe. The great thing about the Virgo moon is that it IS detailed and organized, and we can benefit so much from it, if we put it into good use, rather than just causing ourselves unnecessary fret. It’s helpful for getting our paperwork in order, prioritizing duties, and meticulously making sure everything is as perfect as it should be – as we check and double-check our numbers in our money, checkbooks, and tax papers. Today’s insight comes from the Page of Pentacles and Two Pentacles: Work on being a good example if you want to build strength and balance.

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