Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Friday February 18 Full Moon in Leo, Sun Enters Pisces

Starcana Cosmic Dirt ~ Daily Astrology, Planetary Weather, Astrological HappeningsOur inner cravings become illuminated under this morning’s grand Full Moon, as Luna seats herself proudly in righteous Leo. We’re emotionally led to follow our heart and instinct. Check out yesterday’s post for the previous written details. As we attempt to transform ‘blah’ into ‘hurrah’, the Moon shifts into grounding Virgo – and our feelings gravitate toward solitude and security. We stop reacting, and allow mayhem to settle. From here, we can analyze, nitpick and critique what brought us to this moment. By the afternoon, Venus squares crotchety Saturn and we’re unsatisfied with what we had once been supportive of. With Saturn in Libra (relationships, partnerships, enemies) and Venus (love and money) as Libra’s ruler, we may have to watch the way we express ourselves as Virgo moon forms a quincunx with all-knowing Jupiter. Shortly later, the Moon/Pluto trine allows us to put our emotions back under control.

This evening, the Sun waves bon voyage to emotionally detached Aquarius, and enters serene waters of Pisces. Here our identity and ego begins to soften as the Sun in Pisces associates with our ability to have more compassion toward others, and to ourselves. We open wide, allowing our vulnerabilities to be exposed, yearning for understanding and togetherness. We can adapt easier to love and kindness, which increases healing and forgiveness to take place. For those who are in-denial with their feelings and with reality, the Sun in Pisces may most likely be a time when some may look to escape from work and responsibilities. An increase in the use of addiction, booze, drugs, work, medication, sex, food, etc will be the poison some choose. At the same time, there is great spiritual healing that is available to us – that is, if we genuinely want it. Our vitality and immune system can become weak if we aren’t creating balance in our life, so be sure to find the right amount of rest and sleep over the next four weeks. Drink plenty of water and fluids to flush toxicities out of the body for wellness. The message received from The Tower rx/King of Pentacles rx: ‘You’re stalling, because nothing better has come along.’ ~Starcana

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