Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Friday February 25, Jupiter/Optimism square Pluto/Extermination

Starcana Cosmic Dirt ~ Daily Astrology, Planetary Weather, Astrological HappeningsWe start our day with a Sun/Mercury conjunction in the wee hours of the morning, that delivers crystal clear communications with confidence that allows us to lead in a forward flow. We have the potential to shine, using what we’ve learned as our thoughts and words are poetically spoken today. By noon, we inherit insight as Mercury sextiles shadowy Pluto who suggests a necessary cleanse as to what we hold onto. Shortly after, we’re feeling a bit hesitant as Moon sextiles cautious Saturn.

Dark clouds roll in this afternoon as Jupiter (excessive) squares Pluto (elimination). Basically this is Jupiter, Lord of Law and Knowledge confronting Pluto, Lord of Purge and Healing. What we have known, and/or what has been written in the books – is challenged in an extreme way. Secrets can be revealed, determining that it is time for the rebirth of new power, while destroying abusive control. This could be a change in what has been previously recorded either in history, government documents, a downgrade in management, a big change in relationship status. With Jupiter transiting through Aries, we are exploring and researching unchartered territories to grow within our own means, getting in touch with our inner warrior, with an obligation to play super hero, and our own boss. It highlights adventures and wisdom learned through self-discovery, as we reconnect with our spirit. We then take this powerful energy, and put it in the boxing ring with Pluto in Capricorn, yea like Killer Kowalski. As Pluto transits in Mr Status Capricorn, we see a fall as areas start to plunge in large businesses, government, power, leadership, banks, real estate, property, manufacturing, agriculture, tradition, foundation, inheritances, security, savings, and careers. It’s like watching every man for himself who struggles against worn out rules, outdated laws in companies, savings, stocks, 401k’s, social security, unions, along with failed partnerships. It’s a rise that comes with a fall, as Jupiter amplifies and Pluto depletes. Inflation soars, as resources decline, What goes up, must come down. Travel plans, court appointments, publications can be interrupted. Where we want to be generous to ourselves, it may be impossible as assets fade. We could see disintegration in law and religious practices.

Strong cardinal energies need to work hand in hand to make this an easy transition. Unfortunately, each have their own intention as Jupiter in Aries assumes the position of the knight in shining armor who will fight for all and save the day, while Pluto in Capricorn is the dark king who strategically plans on proving Jupiter wrong, to ‘take him down’. It’s a clash of energy that needs to resolved with communication, as well as understanding and respect. Optimism will tainted with bacteria and unseen viruses that lurk in dark harding places. Light is restricted because of darkness. This energy can erupt and disrupt Mother Earth. As mentioned in a previous post, we have a mighty cluster of planets in Pisces, representing an end of a cycle that allows us to be able to close doors, and start on a new chapter. This is a lot of water, which will cleanse as well as heal. For more about this powerful movement, check out Mandi Lockley’s astrological blog, and Astrogrrl. Interesting enough, (yes, I am full of much useless information), wherever we experience or see this energy clash in our lives, relationships, natal chart.. we can visualize the liver (ruled by Jupiter) working hard to move and rid toxins, but a stone becomes lodges it the path before elimination and the transformation process (ruled by Pluto). To get the most from the liver, the knowledge, and the light – something needs to be shaken and removed with the mighty plunger hidden in the corner, along with lots of liquid (Pisces) draino. Just another one of my tacky, creative visuals to help explain the process. By evening, our power and strength is revitalized as Sun sextiles Pluto, communicating that anything you can do, I can do better. The Sun and darkness negotiate and work as one to promote self-control and healing.

If nothing is conflicting in your natal chart or in your life, this day may pass by like any other. The one thing I always encourage is attitude and behavior, if something does shift. Today’s Sagittarian Moon will encourage us to feel a need to detach, to learn, and to grow. Go with the flow, see the opportunity, rather than the attachment that keeps us from personal development. Sagittarius is the quick student, the philosopher, and the teacher who seeks knowledge and truth from each experience, so good behavior is suggested. On the shadow side, the Sadge moon may make us FEEL like a ‘know it all’ who refuses advice, rejects listening and negotiating, who simply reacts loudly. Obviously, this isn’t going to promote a positive fix in the world, at work, or in our personal relationships. And as a reminder, Saturn (responsibilities, discipline) continues to REtrograde (REcheck, REstructure, REbuild) in Libra (professional/personal relationships, enemies), who is looking for faulty security, weaknesses, and unseen damage. Be mindful of your own response – for it is the ONLY thing you can control.

Today’s tarot insight comes from The Chariot rx and Eight of Wands rx: Change of plans, detour ahead’. ~Starcana

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