Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Friday July 1, Protecting of Happiness and Soul, Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer

We have another cosmic event to expand our soul with a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Last month, we experienced a solar eclipse in Gemini, and a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, highlighting major transformations and chaotic shifts in the way that we transmit and receive information. Some emphasized areas included learning and thought processing, travel, taking the higher road, spiritual growth, law, publishing, truth, speaking, and listening. Lately, I’ve heard many mentioning how people are relating ‘unpleasantly’ to one another, while I’ve witnessed closer situations, thinking ‘where the heck did that come from?’. Have you seen it too? Strange, pushy, entitled, cocky behavior? Uranus in Aries. People are trying to free themselves of something. Everyone wants a voice, but not everyone knows how to use it. Everyone is busy following their own path, and the information that we share can affect others, so it is important to be honest and kind when doing so. Otherwise, breakdowns in communications produce breakdowns in relationships – especially with Saturn sitting directly across from Aries, in ‘Mind your manners’ Libra. Eclipse energy lasts up to three to six months.

An example, if you are a follower of my writings, you may of had an interest in reading your July Tarotscope. It’s something fun that I provide, using my time and energy for others. I was eager to see what July presented, but then I began to notice the challenging cards that appeared, but with the three eclipses, it’s understandable. I thought ‘Oh crap. Should I re-do them to sound more inspirational’? No  I can’t do that. That isn’t me, and that would be lying ~ allowing folks to believe that everything is fine and dandy, without having to lift a finger. I don’t lie and cheat people, because I don’t like when people lie and cheat me. So, in streams the negativity when I put the tarotscope out there, people are taking the cards interpretation as a personal attack, or they are whining about what was chosen for them, or that I should have interpreted their way instead of mine, blah, blah, blah. I’m NOT picking on anyone in particular, but it allows me to use my own experiences to make a point and comparison with the planets. Complaints, judgments, and personal opinions aren’t kind communications, especially when they aren’t delivered with good manners, like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

‘We can’t be sure that rudeness is on the rise… but whether or not it’s increased, people are saying they don’t want to take it anymore’. Peter Post.

Before I started my own spiritual journey, I took negative opinions and judgmental remarks personally. I also retaliated, as I assumed they were directing hurtful things at me – because their approach came across aggressive, when it lacked kindness and manners. Through my transformational process, I had to learn that they were simply ‘letting go of their negative steam’ which had nothing to do with me. I just happened to be available to dump on. Through my Chiron return, I had to re-learn how to pursue AND protect my uniqueness, happiness, and truth. If someone communicates with me, to *voice* their negativity AT me – I am polite but privately think “um.. so what, and who really cares? You aren’t an expert, which is why I never asked for your opinion in the first place”. It’s emotional protection from shite disturbers. If they cared about how you felt, they wouldn’t have dumped so carelessly. Good communications is the lesson for the next months ahead folks.

Now that I am learning to protect my emotions and reactions are protected, my listening ears are on. In general, when I hear whiners, know-it-alls, excuse-makers, assumers, blamers, bullies, criticizers.. I hear a lot of exhaust, that is polluting the air. The stuff that dirties our air and what we breathe in. Sure, I have a lot of opinions too, but no one is interested in listening to them. They’re too busy barking. They’re also getting offended if we choose not to let them dirt our clean atmosphere. I work very hard to keep my air space clean, and I do my very best to keep it fresh and clean for others as well. More people should learn to do the same. It’s how we get what we are looking for in life, if we seek long lasting friendships and relationships with love and respect.

With that explanation with our communications, we have the New Moon energy in Cancer. Sweet, motherly, nurturing Cancer. She wouldn’t hurt a fly, but she is forced to breathe in dirty air – which will affect moods and reactions. These are the vibrations that we will feel now, while intensely magnified by Solar Eclipse. How do you feel when someone doesn’t think before entering you’re serene space? This is the next step, as Cancer (the Crab) is ALL about feelings – from what has been received. Try this. Sit back, and give yourself one full minute to sit back in your chair, close your eyes, and simply breathe and experience. This is your private, untainted space. Notice how you feel. Listen to your surroundings. Now listen to your thoughts. Listen to the way your body begins to react. Stress needs to unwind privately, and if it doesn’t, we react and send it out to who ever might get in our way.

With the New Moon in Cancer, it is suggested to create a new emotional approach. We can create our intentions by taking all that we have experienced, and reshape the way we ‘choose’ to experience it. As in my ‘moral of the story’, we can choose to take things personally and react… or we can choose to move past it. You can think about something that is bothering you, and ask your heart if this is really about you as a person, or if it is only pollution. If I don’t like the air that is put out, I disconnect and go where I know the air is clean and pure. If others do not understand boundaries, we must create them. Period. There are those who will not like these new walls, so it will create confusion and appearance of being unsociable or unfriendly. I’ve accepted being ‘the unsociable’ if that means I am free of someone else’s dirty air. As a sensitive, it is crucial at times. Separating myself doesn’t make me better or lower than anyone else. It’s simply what I need. I work very hard to create this ‘perfection’ for myself, and I need to know that someone else will respect my energy, as I will respect theirs. These are the lessons that we are suppose to learn as Saturn (moral responsibility, consequences) transits Libra (personal, general, romantic, professional relationships and enemies). To receive respect and goodness, we must give respect and goodness. Otherwise, Pluto (The terminator) sees the cracks in the foundation (Pluto in Capricorn), and begins to jack hammer it all into bits and pieces. I’m such a storyteller lol.

So what would you like to emotionally create for yourself with the New Moon in Cancer? Some of the areas that are suggested and related to Cancer is: emotional happiness, inner child, personal security, self-love, nurturing, home, women, children, family, and the needs of our soul. It is time to recreate our happiness and the world we live in, and we can find ourselves challenged more intensely since this eclipse squares Saturn, and is connected to Grand Cross with Saturn (discipline), Uranus (change), and Pluto (regeneration). We are majorly releasing emotionally during the solar eclipse, to reconnect with our true spirit. We’re letting go, so that new things can come in during the months ahead. And again Pluto will be watching very carefully, and giving us a hand when we least expect it. We should close ourselves away temporarily, to think about what we need ~ rather than what we want. We are to search within, to know and understand what truly makes us happy. If we are sincere, there will be a lot of hard work ahead to reach our goal, but also to protect it. If we aren’t willing to do the hard work, honor our word to ourselves, while standing up for what we believe in our heart – then genuine happiness isn’t the goal ~ because anything genuine has a high value and a high cost. What would you be willing to sacrifice, to sparkle and love yourself again? And voila, you’ve made your intention. Tarot insight: Ten of Wands, Ace of Wands: Finalizing for big changes.

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  1. Absolutely Brilliant!!!

  2. Theresa says

    Oh my….your psychic antennae are certainly “receiving” loud and clear. The communications (and lack thereof) leading to breakdowns in relationship; pushy, cocky behavior….that in conjunction with my Virgo tarotscope, “snake in the grass,” etc….so very apt! In the last week, I’ve been one of those criticizers too, so it’s playing both ways. The last eclipse squared my natal Saturn and since that time I have never felt so overwhelming victimized. My father has been in and out of the hospital for a medical condition and it recently came to light that the attending physician had been giving him psychotropic drugs without his knowledge and informed consent, he’s refused to discuss my father’s plan of care with me (his only caregiver with POA), and when that drug in conjunction with the Ambien, Fentanyl, and Ativan caused my father’s managed, symptom-free bipolar disorder to erupt in a manic episode with psychotic features, he discharged him! After I appealed the discharge due to mental status change, I finally got the doc on the phone and he denied prescribing the drug, stating it was something he was already on. Since my medical POA had kicked in because my dad wasn’t lucid, I said I wanted an immediate psych eval for my dad and him off those medications. The doc didn’t get the consult, took my dad off the meds until he was lucid and then discharged him to a nursing home for physical therapy on all the same meds! And again, he never communicated with me about any of it.

  3. welp! i heard that!! #morefire 😀

  4. thank you for your complete and uncensored candor…as only a fellow Sag can give.

  5. Haha – I’m certainly someone who was bummed to read my tarotscope, even though it rang true (R: Virgo, M: Leo S: Aries)

    Thanks, though, as always, for putting time and energy into them. Seems like July might be rough for lots of people, so I’ll extend the hand!

  6. thank you kella!

  7. I’m so sorry to hear of the very sad experience that you and your dad had to experience. Thank you for sharing your example of breakdown in communications. I wish you peaceful solution.

  8. Thanks for your Sadge support Az, hehe

  9. Yes, July seems to be pounding people to create direct Harae. Me included: Libra R, Leo M, Sadge S. But hard work is good for the soul, and keeps us growing and expanding. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

  10. How true about the tarotscopes, but it only inspired me more to try my best not to fall into traps, take a high road, and lead through love and compassion.

    In response to your comments regarding the challenging attitudes of others; often what we don’t appreciate in others, what angers us, what makes us defensive are things within ourselves we don’t like, that need to change and we’re not seeing that clearly. Since I noticed this attitude this past month, I’ve been striving my hardest not to react, not to assume, and not to judge. We never know what is in someones heart or mind, what their intentions really are, so it’s best not to assume, or to react, but instead to find a place of love within, and let it be.

    Here’s to hoping all of us have a month of July that is full of blessings, even if they are in disguise.


  11. Please, could you shine light on a perplexing question, Suzi. This eclipse at 10 degrees Cancer, is my exact natal Mars (10 Cancer). Would love to think it is a positive indicator … though I’m certain it’s seen through hope-filled rose-colored glasses.

  12. well put and beautifully said Moon! Thank you!

  13. Brilliance for free; your parents must be a sweetheart and a cetifreid genius.


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