Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Friday July 15, Capricorn Full Moon, Release Our Devil Attachment, Tarot Affirmations

In the wee hours of the morning, we celebrate a brilliant Full Moon. All comes to full light now, as answers fully display themselves. Our heart and soul began to swell on the New Moon, where we proceeded with new intentions. We always hear about the crazies who come out on the Full Moon, and it’s no wonder. As Luna opposes Sun, we are at odds with ourselves, and feel pulled in opposite directions. Our truth beams brightly as we release our deepest urges. The time is ripe for action. We show our true colors and expose all, by ‘letting go’ which is the process of the Full Moon. We empty powerful energy onto our surroundings to guide us. It is a time that we can not hide anymore, for secrets and hidden feelings are revealed. Our emotions become tested by the ego. With Sun in self-nurturing Cancer, we are preserving love and holding onto our healing energies to care for our own needs, while the Full Moon asks us to unload and remove emotional tension. So tension is likely and expected. The Capricorn Moon is about construction, so we need to think about what we are building emotionally in our lives. If we are assembling our life to be based on worry and fears, the foundation will be weak because it is based on illusions ~ which is why it is important to carefully evaluate each step that we take. As the Full Moon bursts in Capricorn, sensitivities and illusions are activated and immediately set free, so that reality can steer our path. What we receive from the Capricorn Moon is spiritual development for balanced living. We are presented with this sense of urgency to find our grounds, to live in the present. Fears from our past serve us with no purpose for it is doesn’t exist, and tomorrow provides us with no knowledge for us to make any decision. We can only live and make our choices for today. By doing this, the earth element allows us to manifest what we need to build, rather than what we hope to build. Allow this Full Moon to bring us all back to earth, by helping us to release unhealthy perspectives, emotions and behavior that steer us from finding happiness and a peaceful journey. Tarot insight from The Empress rx, The Moon: As our values disintegrate, suspicions grow.

Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside. Sri Ramana Maharshi.

My meditative tarot affirmations are positive statements that are used for shifting energy, re-centering ourselves, and energizing our mojo. They can help to improve our perspective, while encouraging confidence and productivity. The method is simple and can involve creative visualization (where I include the tarot) but you must be determined to put in the effort to invigorate higher vibrations. Use affirmations whenever you need focus. I enjoy including them with the lunar events to explain how we can benefit from this approach. The Devil tarot card represents our toxic perspective and attachments that hold us back from moving forward in life. This is what creates obstacles in our relationships, finances, and wellness, which stunts our individual growth. To hold on to what we have, we attempt to cut corners and take the easy way out, rather than work for it. It is easy to blame the Devil for our reasons to slack, rather than acknowledge our own ignorance. Blaming and using personal excuses is a convenient way to not deal with the actual truth. The Devil represents our individual weaknesses that sit comfortably in our own control. We blame, make excuses, and place judgement, rather than taking charge of our own commitments. The Devil can represent a person, a situation, and basically anything we are looking to make an excuse for. It is our inner darkness, creating manipulative ideas for excuses, to avoid moral responsibility. When we pass our responsibilities to excuses and the Devil (our imperfections) we immediately give all of our power away to an unreliable source. The Devil (excuses) continues to grow and takes control of our life, our minds, and eventually our work, relationships, or vitality, etc. The Devil is a void of nothingness, where we dump all of our blame – and to fill that void, one can turn to lust, porn, depression, drugs, money desires, greed, alcoholism, jealousy, guilt, hoarding, gorging, smoking, illness, ignorance, self-entitlement, beauty, sex, laziness, anger, revenge, murder, and so on. I’m sure you get the picture. With the Devil, we become lost, lonely, depressed, ill, poor, or simply accustomed to a dark life when we choose to hold on to unnecessary or unhealthy attachments. So what is your excuse? What does the Devil tempt you to get away with? Denying your Devil is also an excuse. Basically, if you are human and live on earth, you have a weakness, because man was not created perfect and has real flaws.

The Devil card is ruled by Saturn, who rules Capricorn. With the Full Moon, we want to release the illusions, and see our life situation, as is. When the Devil appears in the spread, we need to step out of ourselves, to see what we are truly manifesting. We need to be strong, focused, and wiling to make genuine sacrifices to achieve our goals. Otherwise, we can drown in our own karma, overwhelmed with difficulties that seem never-ending. Saturn makes us face our fears, and face our Devil. But in many eyes, seeing reality is much more scarier, especially if we’re to practice what we preach. It is easier to ignore, than to face the truth. Saturn teaches us discipline, respect, and moral responsibility, through personal hard work. If we want our power back, if we want to gain control, then we will need to prove it by ripping down the damaged perspective, and build a new foundation. Healthy boundaries are necessary as Saturn transits Libra. We are facing weaknesses in our lives, with the option to build something stronger. If we avoid the work, we blame, and look for reasons and excuses. And voila, the Devil comes to save your day. Saturn in Libra is filled with karmic energy, whether we gain rewards or suffer consequences – we can not escape it. Karma is not revengeful or bliss ~ it simply balances. We have a choice to hold onto our Devil, or we can let go of it along with everything that is attached to it. Cold turkey.

Meditation: Sit for a few minutes alone, with eyes closed and a goal to relax. Relax and distance yourself from your day with slow relaxing breaths. Mentally scape from our normal duties at this time. Calm all thoughts and emotions until you are aware of the quietness that surrounds you. With slow and deep breaths, feel yourself float into this calm energy, feeling your body and mind also adjusting to this quietness. All the noise disappears and you feel at peace. Pay attention to the soundless spirit, as you cleanse and exist with silence.

For this little practice, get yourself a piece of aluminum foil, about 10″x10″ in size, and a dry wash cloth.

  • Gently crinkle the foil VERY LIGHTLY, not deep heavy folds.
  • When you’re finished, open the foil the best you can without removing the creases.
  • Stand the foil the best that you can in front of you, using it as a mirror.
  • Look at yourself in it. The warped image is you, as seen from many perspectives.

Is this the real you? Is one image correct, and the other isn’t? What are we not seeing? The Devil is your personal reflection is crippled, and it reminds us of what we don’t have, how we appear, and tells us that we can not be happy without it. As each of our cravings multiply, we encourage our own number of ugly perspectives, our dark-sided monster rises from the depths of our own hell. As we stay focused on our negative attachments, we are unable to separate ourselves from what is real and what is illusion. Holding onto that which weakens us, keeps us weighted down. Frustrated, stuck, immoveable, boredom, carelessness, like a zombie walking the earth. We prioritize our deficiencies with more valuable than life. We’ve made an agreement with ourselves, ‘a deal with the devil’, to hold on to these special possessions that remind us of our weaknesses, flaws, and pain… every single day. They serve no importance, they won’t allow us to grow, so why not release them?

‘Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live’. Goethe

Look again into the fouled image of yourself. You already know who are you, and who you want to be. Your outer world isn’t aware of who you really are, because they have a different perspective of you. If you do not like the image that you see of yourself, or the image that they have created… then use the dry wash cloth to smooth out the crinkles. Think about the situations or people that you placed blame on, and take responsibility to ‘correct’ your own responsibilities, as you rub the foil out smoothly. Visualize that you are clearing up the wrinkles, the misunderstandings, and your public image – all on your own – by facing your own fears. Rub your image clean, letting go of weaknesses, excuses, and addictions, to reveal your true self. The Devil card should never be feared, but instead, it should be understood. We should know who we are, the good and the not so good side. We need to face our devil, and not let out our dark side intimidate us, or we will not be able to comprehend the truth in our outer world, until we accept our own truth. The Devil provides us with a valuable life lesson, and offers us great gifts if we can sacrifice what we have, to have something more genuine. DEVIL spelled backwards is LIVED.

Whatever you may need to let go in order to build, say it so with this Full Moon. Repeat your statement as you see fit, and continue to clear your image. As you repeat your statement, release your imperfections, but add much more emphasis on your success instead ~ because this is what leads you from the Devil’s cave.

Affirmations: While being one with yourself, announce your trusted affirmation:

  • My darkness turns into light.
  • I am whole and perfect.
  • The Light/Universe/God/dess heals me.
  • The devil doesn’t live here anymore.

Now go get your mantra on! Full Moon Blessings!

Suzi Dronzek is a full-time cosmic consultant, providing professional readings with spiritual guidance by phone and email. Monday-Friday 10am-7pm EST, 1.50 per minute, MC, Visa, Disc. Call: 724-832-9283. Subscribe by email, rss. Mingle on: twitter, facebook, linkedin. Image The Devil ©1991 Robin Wood, Used with Permission, Tarot Affirmations ©1998-2011 All rights reserved. Entertainment only 18+

Information provided is based on the intuitive knowledge with the tarot and astrology, and are not meant to replace the care, guidance, or medication of your physician. I am not a trained professional in health and medicine.


  1. Thank you, Suzi. That is the best interpretation of the Devil card that I have read and, for the first time, feel that I thoroughly understand it now.

  2. Thank you so much Ishtar! While there are so many interesting suggestions for this particular card, this is my own personal understanding of the Devil through personal experience and self-study. I just love the tarot LOL

  3. Spirit says

    Thank you so much for this amazing spiritual insight. I am a cancerian, with capricorn rising, riding alone through some very tough Devil times at the moment. I keep trying to release and let go but it keeps coming back over and over. I won’t go into details but it is basically something that has torn me apart for a long time now. Your description of the transits and the Devil card have summed everything up and I really hope that I can let go this time.

  4. You are very welcome. Depending on your chart, as well as Pluto transiting your ascendant, challenges can be consuming. It is wise to ‘let go, and let your higher self’ provide guidance. All the very best. xx

  5. Spirit says

    Thanks! According to my astrologer friend, Pluto is still nudging away at my sun until the end of the year. Uranus is also approaching my 4th House cusp too. This will mean more to you than me, technically speaking anyway 🙂
    But that is what I am trying my best to do – to let go and let be, handing the controls over to my Higher Self as this seems the only way to ride it through, best wishes, xxx


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