Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Friday July 8, Love Stinks, Venus opposes Pluto

Internal irritations may be brought on as the ego is challenged by our emotions. Luna squares Sun in this second quarter Moon, our masculine energy versus our feminine energy. Logic versus intuition. Steer away from following rules that doesn’t allow us to be productive, as it will only stifle the creative flow. Utilize the Libra Moon to follow our own true pace toward balance. Decorate the world in beauty, and color outside the lines. No pressure. We could pulled in two directions as Venus (love, money, values) opposes Pluto (regeneration, spirituality). We want what we want, but psychological habits rise, tugging on us from unseen corners. It’s strong female energy that produces cattiness and cat fights. Pick the battle or inner struggle carefully today. Try asking ourselves ‘what am I  secretly trying to control’. Then dig a little deeper, and ask ‘why’? What do we really need, that we’re not communicating correctly, or receiving? When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers. Oscar Wilde. Tarot insight: Three of Swords, Five of Wands: Ignoring our thoughts, keeps them trapped inside of us.

On a personal note, I’m continuing to make positive adjustments in my own life as Saturn transits my ascendant. I’ve faced my weaknesses, while Pluto retrograde and recent eclipses helped me to eliminate unhealthy attachments, if I plan on having a stronger and more fruitful future. I have a pattern of doing for others before myself, so letting go is necessary in order to replenish. It feels selfish, doing this for me, so as I experience uneasiness, I decided to pull three cards and just give myself a quick mini reading tonight, for guidance as to what I need to know in regards to pulling away and leaving others behind. First card, What I know: The Queen of Swords rx is someone who is  very intelligent and selfless individual who is giving less to the outside, while giving back to herself. She appears emotionless and cold-hearted, but her love runs deep in sharing knowledge and assistance to help the world. She is distancing herself from the energy that doesn’t produce inspiration or fresh air that is needed to heal. For me, this would be my way of living true to myself first, rather than trying to live up to what others want or expect me to be. Second card, What challenges me: The Hanged Man rx is afraid to let go and move on. It’s definitely a control thing. If I let go, what will happen to those who still need me? This is a hard lesson to grasp obviously, to simply ‘let go and let god’. It’s like dropping someone under the bus and leaving them there to fend for themselves. It’s just very out of character for me. I’ve been working with ‘no more strings attached’. Last, what am I manifesting: Justice. Creating balance and healthy boundaries is a life lesson for me. This card also stands for my ascendant Libra. Karmic justice. Everyone gets their fair share. There is no negative intention (which I worry about hurting other’s feelings). This is simply what must be in order for peace and harmony to exist. Justice. Fairness. It’s based on what is true and real. A karmic lesson is been learned, and debt is paid off. Clean slate baby. So what happens now, is that I’m much more choosier as to who’s energy I will allow in. Seriously, because I am a sensitive, and if I pick up negativity, you’re not going to like what I am reflecting back at you. I’ve learned, and did what I needed to do to create outer balance, as well as inner balance. Peace out.

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  1. Hi Suzi – No need to respond to this comment. I only wanted to say that as a sensitive, empathic Libra (with strong Libra placements), I understand the journey you’re on and wish you all the best.

    The Serenity Prayer (along with your mention of the “let go and let God” way of thinking) says it all. 🙂

  2. Thank you, you rock babe!

  3. Aww, indeed, as a Libra myself, “creating balance and healthy boundaries is a life lesson” rings true. But we’re too nice, I guess. Haha. I really hope everything becomes pretty steady for you soon!

    “Love stinks” proved to be the theme for that Friday night for my patrons, but it was so different from me, I just have to share! For some reason, everytime there’s a Venus & Pluto tandem, no matter whether it’s a square or quincunx or opposition, I still thrive! I love it! & I’m feeling really giddy up to now! If it’s because of my natal Sun in my 8th House, then so be it.

    Cheers! Happy Sunday! ♥

  4. Thank you Abbee, it’s always nice to connect with Librans! The Venus/Pluto is empowering for both of us girl, we got more balance than we realize! Happy Sunday!