Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Friday, June 10

Our center may have started feeling queasy or unsettled last night with the growing vibrations of Venus’ square to self-pitying Neptune rx. With Venus in Gemini, we need space, so we are seeking for the friendship connection in our relationship. To not help matters any, Moon opposes spiteful Uranus, then squares psychological Pluto rx this morning. To find comfort, rely on our inner source, rather than turning to outside influences. We’re to vulnerable to trust, as Neptune rx blurs our vision with old painful remembrances. Console moods with the intellectual Libra Moon by getting advice from a reliable source, or research the facts. By lunch, Moon conjuncts dependable Saturn rx, which allows us to feel more grounded and responsible for our own actions. The rest of our Friday is aspect-free, with no cosmic influences to make or break our deals. We’re all on your own, make it positive. Tarot insight: Queen of Pentacles rx, The Devil: We’re bound to fail when we hold onto something that has no genuine value.

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