Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Friday June 17 Magical Communications, Mercury trine Neptune

Thoughts gently dissolve into the universe as Mercury trines Neptune retrograde overnight. Take special note to the dreams we have, but also to the messages received during the day. Something is trying to communicate to us. As imagination and intuition attract memories, spiritual insights deliver ideas for us to learn from. We are, what we think and say. Create positivity and love in the world, in our neighborhood, and in ourselves. Speak kindly, offer words of compassion, and offer apologizes to create a healing. There is magic in the way that we transmit information. Say what you mean, nicely. Harmony is created in communications, letter writing, trips, meditation, and socializing as Mercury sextiles Jupiter this evening. Step out of your safety zone. Tarot insight: Ten of Cups, Eight of Cups: The happiness that we conjure today, only leaves us hoping for something more.

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