Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Friday June 3, Returning to Our Inner Source, Neptune Retrogrades

Dreams could be vivid and communicative as Mercury squares Neptune in the morning hours. More than likely, the day will be made for daydreaming, imagination, and creative efforts. Intuitive vibrations become enhanced as Moon returns to her natural home in the sign of Cancer, magnifying our level of sensitivity a few notches higher. Luna will sextile joyful Jupiter, and trines psychic Neptune. The energy of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse is still alive, and it will continue to deliver powerful sensations. Depending on our individual situations, moods may tend to sway to the extreme, from increasingly comfortableness to moody solitude. Take nothing personally. Gentleness is simply suggested with our words and actions. Grumpiness could develop throughout the day as Luna squares unpredictable Uranus, opposes bitter Pluto rx, and squares insensitive Saturn rx. It would be a good day to do something special just for ourselves to avoid potential disagreeable interactions.

Neptune also retrogrades today, and for the next six months we pause in offering sensitivities and sympathies to our outside world, and utilize it for ourselves. Imagination, compassion, spirituality is what we return back to, in order to replenish our inner bridge. What we normally feel for others, is retained so that we can feel ourselves ~ and in result, the energy will be much more sensitive and vibrational. This will increase our imagination, artistic and psychic pursuits, but it may also have us experiencing monsters in our closets and under our bed. Stepping backwards puts a pause on life, returning us to old behaviors, bad habits, and toxic memories. Neptune is a form of escape, and as she retrogrades for the next six months, we can use this time like a mini vacation to dream and recreate happiness in our world. If we ignore the productive potential of redesigning our personal or professional world because we’re to unhappy or tired, Neptune will tempt us to be irresponsible and turn to alcohol, drugs, sex, food, or whatever your form of escape is. Turn to your Inner Source, whether that be.. your inner god/dess, your inner resources, your memories, your creativity, or whatever works best for your personal healing. Turning outward, toward man-made resources will leave you feeling lonely and misguided. Use the months ahead to explore who you are, and what you want to mold into ~ so when we’re ready to make it all happen, we’re on a road to happiness, rather than a hopeless highway.

As we step backwards into memories, we will run into un-resourceful situations from our past, so that we can feel it, and experience it. Surround yourself in it to decide what you want to create from it, so that the rest of it can finally be laid to rest. Neptune retrograde is where we get to use her spiritual strength for healing and forgiveness. We return home, coming back to our religion, our spiritual path, and to our inner god or goddess. Again, missing this opportunity, could have some individuals too focused on the outside… making excuses and creating blame… instead of just doing their inner work. Holding onto old garbage is unpleasant and unrewarding, which is like swallowing your vomit instead of letting it go, as in my Pluto retrograde post. So dare I say it? Yes. It’s time to face your fears so that you can your direction. ‘By standing on his own A man finds happiness. By standing on his own A man finds freedom. By standing on his own He goes beyond the world. By standing on his own He finds the end of the way’. Ashtavakra Gita. Tarot insight from Three of cups, Ten of Swords rx, Expressing ourselves creates some improvements.

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  1. It’s so funny, because right before I read your post I was telling my husband how bizarre my dreams were this morning. In one of them, I was at my old high school’s football field stadium when suddenly it began to move, quickly building up speed as it raced towards a stationary wall far off in the distance. I instinctively knew I had to move backwards (everyone who remained in front would be crushed), so I went as far back as I could, all the way to the farthest edge of the other end of the stadium, where I waited for impact. There was no fear when we finally hit the wall; instead I calmly watched as everything in front of me crumbled and I safely rode the “wave” to the top of the heap. When the dust began to clear, I peered through an adjoining window, knowing I had to “search inside” (ha ha). I noticed other searchers were also beginning to gather.

    Really fits with your post’s message for today, doesn’t it? Maybe this morning’s Mercury/Moon aspect is setting off my natal Mercury/Neptune square Moon. Hope you don’t mind me sharing, but I thought the dream’s symbolism was so apropos. Great post – it really spoke to me!

  2. Ooo the dream story is so cool, I don’t mind you sharing it at all. Altho I don’t always have the time to respond to everyone, I always enjoy reading how others experience their lives according to the stars! Thank you, and have a great weekend!


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