Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Friday March 11, Waking the Inner Warrior, Uranus re-enters Aries

Our mood become breezier as Luna shifts into lightweight Gemini during the wee hours of the morning. It’s favorable energy for socializing, communicating, taking small trips, writing letters, and making phone calls. Later tonight we get a smile on our face as Luna sextiles optimistic Jupiter, then trines sweet Venus.

The Great Awakener Uranus, re-enters the pioneering spirit of Aries for the next seven years. Last year, Uranus moved into Aries briefly in May 2010, then began retrograding a few months later, slipping back into starry-eyed Pisces, creating sparks and chaos since 2003. You can check your natal chart and look at the house that Pisces rules to know where some of these unusual changes or awakenings have been taking place for yourself. Pisces rules my sixth house, which is how we service others, our work, health, and pets. Pisces is selfless, who makes sacrifices for those in need. Uranus had awaken me to how much I was busy helping everyone else, and not doing enough for myself. He literally shocked me with what I awoke to, which was dishonest and disloyal relationships. Reviving me from the sleep was emotionally tough, but it was for best intentions. Uranus in my Pisces (healer) work/service house woke me to the alternative, new age, and astrology, which is when I began to be more serious in being a professional reader, building for readings and guidance – so that I could continue to be of service to others, except now I am appreciated and compensated for my work, time, and energy. I also had begun my wellness study in yoga for a healthier mind, body, and spirit.

Anyway, to catch up with where we have been, I decided to pull this clipping from my old blog which might help you to understand the shift: ‘Uranus traveled through Pisces from 2003-2010. Think about some of the significant changes and wake-up calls that have taken place for you during this time period. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, representing our dreams, our escapes, our endings, and our healing. For the past seven years, Uranus was trying to awake us to the leftover debris that was still clouding our vision in our lives. He wanted to open our eyes to the real culprit for our burdens, unnecessary attachments, and self-defeating behaviors – to detox us from the guilt, remorse, and excuses. ‘Hello? McFly?’ Wake up and smell the roses. Uranus alert us of the dreams and deceptions that were taking place, and Pisces is the master illusionist. Uranus creates major shifts so that we can see our life from a different perspective. Now that we have completed that long cycle, he slides back into courageous Aries, demanding a new start. Aries is the first sign and baby of the zodiac, representing fresh beginnings and the self. Numero uno baby. We get to treat ourselves to the enhancing changes to expose our individuality, our creative expression, and our truth. We see everything in a whole new light, where everything is shiny and sparkly in our future, to forget about our past. We rebel against those who distract us from our new freedom, and we have a new social circle of like-minded friends where we can return to our comfortable selves.’

‘Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious.’ ~Rumi

Aries rules the head, face, brain, and with Uranus in there, we could see unusual or unexpected changes. As Pluto moves through Capricorn (bones, knees), pay extra attention to taking care of your teeth (bones). Especially as Saturn (discipline ad responsibility) transits Libra ruled by Venus, ruling sugar and sweets, but also the skin, low back and kidneys. If you haven’t heard, diabetes on the rise. And speaking of teeth and sugar… I recently had my teeth cleaned and while I was in the waiting room, the dental hygienist came to talk to a mother about her seventeen year old’s gingivitis. As I listened and watched (yea, I did), the daughter rolled her eyes from boredom, and the mother made up flimsy excuses. I was amazed at their reactions. I wanted to say, ‘Um, it’s your JOB as a parent to teach your teen good hygiene, and to enforce it. Afterwards, I asked the hygienist out of curiosity as to how someone so young would develop this (unfortunately, I really didn’t know, as good hygiene has always been a must). The woman simply said, not brushing. She also added that it’s like an epidemic with so many kids suffering with gingivitis, because they don’t care. Well that’s right, they are kids, and that’s what parents are for. Other than the astrological connection, I am not trained as a professional doctor to provide more valuable information, but there is a link between gingivitis, gum disease, and diabetes, which you can google for your own research. But come on now.. gingivitis, obesity, and diabetes? Kids/Teens/Adolescents deserve a complete healthy start in life.

So since 2003, we may see how Uranus has been trying to detox Pisces. In Aries, there will be a shake up to awaken our warrior spirit. Uranus wants to inspire, free, invent, and liberate us. Aries is the knight in shining armor, the hero, and the brave soul who courageously steps up to do the right thing because of his natural ability to fearlessly lead and take control. Aries shadow is the bully, the troublemaker, and the villain who feels entitled. What spirit is waking up in your soul? Authenticity is freedom. You can also take a look at your natal birth chart to see what house Aries rules and what area will be changed, inspired, and reformed. Mine is the seventh house, relationships, partnerships, and enemies. Insight from Four of Cups/Ace of Wands rx, ‘Release the doubts’.

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