Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Friday March 18

Our head is in the clouds today, and as we try to look for something positive, we are restricted by a dark and heavy overcast. Thoughts may lean between bland, blah, and possibly even pessimistic as we’re more serious than normal as Mercury opposes Saturn retrograde. Communications are conservative and careful. The plan is to be more traditional and todo things the old-fashioned way. With Saturn rx transiting Libra, the focus could be in restructuring our relationships. A few confusing aspects may increase our curiosity with the practical Virgo Moon, as we try to make sense of everything. This Moon can feel more unstable and weak if we aren’t using our minds in the best possible way, causing us to worry, to become anxious, and to be more critical as we seek higher standards. The key is to stay productive and useful. We’re could be quick to defend as Moon opposes reactive Mars tonight, and with tomorrow’s Full Moon gaining weight, the energy of the day can be greatly magnified and exaggerated. With the focus on Saturn (responsibility, discipline) in Libra (relationships), you may have an interest in a previous post as an update, that I created when Saturn turned retrograde back in January. Today’s insight is from The Hermit rx and The King of Swords rx: We’re digesting words from someone who doesn’t know the answers.

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  1. My perspective to life is that it’s like a baseball game. The Universe pitches balls to me and I usually try to hit it out of the ballpark. This month, I got a curve ball and I decided not to swing back. Sometimes that can be like hitting a home run because it causes you to look inward instead of outward (hence Saturn in Libra).

    Perhaps the Universe is preparing me for some fast balls, now that Uranus is in Aries? :-}