Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Friday March 25

Harmonious attractions are being created as Luna sextiles Venus (love and money) and Neptune (imagination and dreams) this evening. The carefree Sagittarian Moon is open-minded and grateful for what simply exists in our lives, which is freedom to do as we please. This energy opens doors wide between us and the universe. Try to be conscious of where we can be, without falling out of focus as Moon squares impatient Mars this morning. Venus is increasing her energy to find value as she conjuncts starry-eyed Neptune on Saturday. Venus (desires) has wanted independence and space for the last six weeks in humanitarian Aquarius. Now she will soften as she gets closer to the compassion that psychedelic Neptune holds. We may see our connections with others beginning to warm up with sweet nothings and promises, to make us feel better. Enjoy the moments, but don’t hold onto it, meaning have fun as our head is in the clouds, but have both feet on the ground to keep us in reality. Later, a Moon/Uranus square later can cause a shift in limiting the way that we express ourselves. Paradise may be temporarily interrupted. Today’s insight is from The High Priestess and The Moon: Despite what you have been waiting for, you already know what is manifesting. If you happen to like the spiritual concept that I bring to enhance each daily insight, you may be interested in my Starcana Tarotscopes for April 2011.

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