Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Friday May 20, The Power of Change, Mars trine Pluto

While the cluster of energy had been busy transiting through the fiery aura of Aries, it was about us pioneering forward, at high speed, a possibly even a bit out of control – in order to burn away uncomfortable attachments, to rediscover our true inner being and need for individuality. As the planets shift into the earthy terrain of Taurus, we begin to cultivate new seeds into the remains, to produce new growth. The Taurus energy works hard to provide, so we too must work hard if we want to provide progress for ourselves. Perhaps in the last few days, you felt an inner urge calling out for attention – a thought, a new goal, or fresh idea in direction. Some of us strategizing quietly, trying to figure out what to do, what path to take, and if any of it is possible. Today, Mars (energy) and Mercury (thoughts, communications) trine Pluto (transformer), energizing us with the right fuel to create powerful and genuine steps to make our goals happen. We’re mentally and physically moving and shifting our center, so that our outer world will also move and shift. As within, so without. With Mars and Mercury both in Taurus, giving us slow, steady strength and determination, Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn until the fall, trying to ‘once again’ purge what has been decaying, so that it may be recreated into true form. It is ideal energy to break away from old habits, worn-out behavior, outdated ideas – to move forward and build something new in business, family, and personal development. Today’s Capricorn Moon will ground our needs with ambition, so that we’re ready to start producing and constructing something sturdier in our life. As we let go, Tuesday’s Full Moon in Scorpio encourages us detach, which you can read more about in ‘Listen to your Heart‘. Tarot Insight from Seven of Wands, Queen of Cups: We’re successful in taking care of ourself.

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