Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Friday, October 21, 2011, ReBuilding America, Self-Employment, Financial Abundance and the Superhero Mastermind Circle Blog Tour

We may feel a bit unbalanced during the earlier hours of the day as Luna squares confused Mercury and unsupported Venus. Transmissions may get lost when emotions get in the way as we try to communicate what we value. With Moon in Leo, our inner pussycat craves to be stroked, and with lack of attention, feelings can be easily hurt. It’s suggested that we be a little more courageous in the what we need to express. We’re capable of acting on our desires as Moon conjuncts energetic Mars, then sextiles rewarding Saturn. Later, the stars come out, dazzling our imagination as Sun trines Neptune. We see what we want to see, and it shines a little more brighter than ever. We’re the leading star in our own fairytale, dancing in a ballroom of pretty colors, and becoming one with our rainbow. “Pure gold does not fear the furnace”. Tarot insight: The World rx, The Star: Going from rags to riches.

Orionid Meteor Showers are to hit on October 21st with a reliable display of fireballs, right after midnight. Read more >>

Creative Goddesses from the Superhero MasterMind Circle Blog TourThis is a free invitation to follow along on our  SuperHero MasterMind Circle Blog Tour for the next eleven days, with a chance to participate and some free prizes and giveaways, but more about that later. Some of you may have found my site from the fabulous Dee Morrison’s LAGirl13 website. With times as hard as they are today, the flat energy can leave many of us feeling hopeless as well as frustrated in many areas of our lives. From these vibrations, we will then create our own personal assumptions and limitations upon ourselves ~ mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially ~ and set ourselves up for self-sabotage.

In our own way, a few colleagues and myself are taking some time to mesh together, in order to create some sparks and fresh inspirations to encourage and dare you toward making abundance with positive changes. Our Superhero Mastermind Blog Tour will be running everyday, from October 21-30, and we’ll be generously sprinkling ideas and motivation. We’ll also be celebrating eleven Entrepreneurial Goddesses, who are out in the world and making ‘abundance’ happen every day, by building and maintaining their online business. We’re hoping to boost others to do the same, and to get back with the living again. Our exciting tour is also complete with prizes and give-aways to add to the fun! Being a part of this tour, I’ve also got a prize that I will be giving away for FREE. To hear the announcement of the winner, you can subscribe to my blog, either by email or by feed. More about that later, as I’m first in line to kick off this tour.

I thought I would share with you my own entrepreneurial story ~ nothing fancy or special, just simple. I’m Suzi Dronzek, and I am an intuitive astrologer and spiritual advisor, who provides professional readings, spiritual guidance, and daily astrology insight. My goal is to help others to help themselves, by illuminating shadows with light, for awareness and understanding in personal development, relationship compatibility, and spiritual enrichment. For more information, you can always visit my website (which is still under major reconstruction, behind the scenes).

My story starts when I was a teen, I took a simple thought and announced my goal, ‘I will have my own business when I am in my thirties’. Um yes. I really WAS that dorky LOL. From there, I committed myself to learn as much as I could, to expand who I was, what I knew, and where I was going in life. In my thirties, I married and relocated from another state. I started a new job, encouraged my husband to go back to school. I then had a baby, and got into a car accident. We lived paycheck to paycheck. Frustrated, I made the announcement, ‘I’m quitting my job and leaving the corporate world, to work for myself as a freelance artist’. And so I did. I trusted that every job experience that I have ever had, prepared me for my next step. I learned valuable lessons of responsibility as a teenage babysitter, customer service and numbers as a waitress, and so on. My main reason to work for myself, was so that I could raise my son and watch him grow up (rather than drop him off into a daycare). The second reason I decided to do this, was to have my own work schedule, and to be in control of my paycheck. Everyone said I made a risky decision because I was young and stupid. Yeah, maybe I was, but I prefer brave and daring. Being self-employed has been a very empowering journey. In the last sixteen years, I’ve learned so much about expanding my ability and skills, building a business, and finding out what I am truly capable of.

I’m glad to have this chance to share my story in these tough times. My life back then was similar to the recession. Nothing was easy, everything was hard, and I felt trapped. It was up to me to break free from limitations. I never settled for unemployment checks and depend on the government for my measly piece of the pie. I was too determined to work hard and bust my ass to succeed.

Despite what ever is going on in your world, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept limitations. You have the freedom and choice to either settle, or to use own determination to break down walls. If you’ve been contemplating about starting your own business, I’d be the first one to encourage you to do so. If you never thought of being self-employed, because you’ve relied and became dependent on a boss or the government, I’d still suggest consideration, especially if you’re feeling anxious about your finances and future. Working for yourself is a lot of hard work, and you need to get comfortable of pushing yourself, but the rewards are so much greater. The best approach to figuring out if you got what it takes, is to score your own integrity when it comes to work habits. Then again, you could play the blame game, and make up excuses as to why you couldn’t take charge of your life and finances, but you’d be complaining to the wrong person.

The one thing that we have all learned during the financial crisis, is that we gave our money, our potential, and our trust, to the wrong hands. We can all blame, whine, argue, and suffer the consequences, but none of that has solved any problems recently. Instead, you allowed it to suck up your precious energy. On one hand, people say they don’t want the government to be in control of their lives. But in the same breath, people make it easy for the government to have all the power and control, if they choose to rely solely on the government to produce change, rather than making change for themselves. As long as people are dependent on the government for their weekly unemployment checks, rather than depending on themselves, individual power is given away freely.

Talking to my husband years back, I told him that the economy was going to suffer a major breakdown like the great depression. Yes, his eyes rolled, as they usually do with the concoctions of my ‘crazy, psycho mind’. Obviously, I’m not proficient or skilled in financial or government issues, nor do I want to be, so excuse my lack of terminology. I’m just a spectator who watches from behind the scenes. Maybe I’m wrong, and totally off target, but let me share something that has had me itching at me for the last few years. The growing number of chain stores that are going out of business because of growing warehouse stores bothers me. They destroyed the ‘Mom and Pop Shoppes’ that promised options and delivered reliability. ‘Mom and Pop Shoppes’ were created by ‘the people’, for ‘the people’. ‘Mom and Pop Shoppes’ set the example of ‘opportunity’ and living your dream in America. So now we’ve got Pluto destroying foundations (in Capricorn), and we watch the fall of what Capricorn rules, like: government, savings, reputations, careers, work, family, tradition, money, manufacturing, homes, seniors, large corporations, real estate, property, plantation, and farming. Some of these areas have a major influence on our food intake.

So back to the empire of warehouse stores, where we rely solely on ‘one’ store for everything. Our clothes, medication, food, and other necessities. If that one warehouse goes down, whether destroyed by the recession, or owned by government or another country, what will happen to the people? Our food and other important intakes are controlled, and have a great potential to be rationed. Do you get where I am coming from? If you are not on the list to get food this week, where will you go? The local hometown mom and pop shoppes are extinct. Everyone was too busy relying, and forgot how to do for themselves. Leaving individual power to be given away in the wrong hands again.

If everyone started participating in their own small way – instead of relying on the government and big businesses – we could create a whole new era of small, independent market places. We could take back our control, our lives, and our country by redeveloping the reliability of mom and pop shoppes to get us all through. And this is what Pluto does. She trashes what is in ruin, regenerating the power to be reborn. The next ‘Occupy’ that I would love to see, would be building your own small business ‘from scratch’, and creating the financial abundance that you and your loved ones deserve. We just need to step back from the bubble that was created, and remember that America is still the land of opportunity, if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone and work hard for your dreams. My grandfather and grandmother came to this country during the recession, just like many of yours. They all survived and built America businesses, from scratch, by relying on each another. What can YOU do, to be of service to another, and to make an income from it?

The Prize Giveaways. Now let me tell you about the free prize that I’m giving away. It’s a FREE 45 minute phone reading, a FREE natal personality report, and a FREE image of your natal birth chart. What do you have to do, to enter in this give away? We’ll it’s actually pretty easy! Follow AND comment on today’s post and you can earn five points. Friend me, then share a comment on my article on Twitter for three more points, or on Facebook Biz Page for three points, or on Facebook for three points, or on Google+ for three more points. When you comment/tweet/etc, be sure to tag my ID so that I know who is friending and commenting! The person with the most points scored will be announce on November 1, 2011 as my lucky awesome winner! Just don’t forget to follow and comment on my blog to win my prize giveaways! Good luck!

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle”.

Suzi Dronzek, intuitive tarot astrologer, provides professional consultations and spiritual guidance by phone and email, Monday-Friday 10am-7pm EST, 1.50 per minute, MasterCard, Visa, Discover accepted. Call: 724-832-9283 or visit ©1998-2011 All rights reserved. Entertainment only 18+


  1. Hmmm, Moon square Mercury, eh? I feel very driven & sprightly, though. But I was in so much pain yesterday. My arms hurt & my eyesight strained. But yay, this post validates my thoughts for today! 😀

  2. Great post, Suzi! I enjoyed reading the astrological forecast but even more learning about how you got started in business.

    I signed up for the newsletter, tweeted your posted, FB friended you and posted your link. I don’t have a clue how many points that is but would love a 45 phone reading from you!

  3. Thank you for the kind words Loran, you totally rock!


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