Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Friday, October 28, 2011, HUGE Comeback, Jupiter rx trine Pluto

Our taste for adventure rises considerably as Luna opens our hearts wide in traveling Sagittarius this morning. So when it comes to territory and healthy boundaries, there’s a possible chance of snarling around us as Mercury squares Mars. We may take it upon ourselves to step too far from our comfort zone as curiosity heightens. Communications could get heated, and words will most likely bite back. And hard. What we may have been use to, isn’t working for us at this time, so it’s encouraged to try a new approach.

There’s a tremendous shift in the cosmos, as two great cosmic lords meet, as Jupiter rx trines Pluto. We respect our dark side, and we make friends with it. What Pluto may have taketh away, massive (Jupiter rx) healing is replenished. Regenerative energies sprout new growth. Where Pluto’s decay may have been painfully dark and empty, something is resuscitated and brought back to life. Our romantic dreams and spirituality rush back to inspire us (Neptune rx), our true self breathes of new life (Uranus rx), and we’re grateful for what we have learned (Jupiter rx). Trines provide us with opportunity and strength, so with Jupiter retrograding through steady Taurus, and Pluto through ambitious Capricorn, the earth element is prominent to enhance material expansion, physical improvements, and spiritual resolutions. If we do our part to create a better world, we can all shine as one with the Moon/Uranus trine, especially with the heavens reaching down and smiling upon earth.

“When the mind is still the whole universe surrenders”. Maharishi

Later this evening, our ego may quickly get in our way, and lead us to an ungrateful path as Sun opposes Jupiter rx, but shortly after Sun sextiles Pluto, powered with enlightenment, making us aware that everything is exactly as it should be. Pay attention to the power of our thoughts and actions during the next few weeks. The Scorpio New Moon energy is encouraging us to accept death, in order to accept new life. There’s nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you. Woody Hayes. Tarot insight, Death rx, Ten of Pentacle rx: Old scars slowly evaporate.

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