Cosmic Dirt Horoscope, January 19, 2012, Seeing the Light Between the Cracks, Sun square Saturn

Starcana Daily Astrology, Cosmic Dirt HoroscopeOur inner strength and goals could be ‘tested’ as Sun (identity) squares Saturn (discipline). Like a heavy cloud hanging over our head, the experience could range from fatigue to frustrating as potential difficulties rise. Our ego could feel stomped on if we have failed to keep up with our duties. Saturn comes with karmic lessons, which can repeat unresolved events until we get it right. As we try hard to shine, we come up against obstacles ~ basically to see if we have learned anything over the past months.

Like a rat in a cage, we could feel cornered with no way out. If we have relied on outside sources, rather than  on ourselves.. we trap ourselves with the gloom and despair. As Saturn transits Libra (personal, romantic, and professional relationships), we need to grow up, and be morally responsible. We are challenged to stand up and lead, so that we can do what is best for everyone involved. Don’t be afraid to work and seek your inner ambition. Challenges are our greatest teacher.

Do not earn your living, by harming others. ~Buddha  

With Luna still in Sagittarius, what we feel is expanded in great measures. We NEED to feel happy, but under this dark influence we may have an urge to flee from consequences, which is righteously ours. We can either be great listeners and learn much at this time…. or we can majorly trip over our own words and loud voice, only to miss the real point… again. We always have a choice as to how we will act, reach out for the higher path, for there is light to be found between the cracks. “Our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as being able to remake ourselves.” ~Gandhi. Tarot guidance from High Priestess rx, Hanged Man: Coming face to face with ignorance.

Thou shall not borrow or steal someone else’s money, possessions, time or energy. Stealing is not an act of Love.

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