Cosmic Dirt Horoscope, January 27, 2012, Mind Wide Open, Mercury enters Aquarius

Starcana Cosmic DirtWorn-out ways will hinder only our growth as communication expert Mercury squares grumpy Saturn. We need to stay open-minded today, or we can appear hard-headed and resistant to change. Like the old saying ‘my way, or the highway’. Stubbornness only proves we are unwilling to be flexible and meet others halfway. As Saturn transits Libra, our professional, personal and romantic relationships will be influenced. Venus, the ruler of Libra, is in compassionate Pisces. We should stay grounded and aware of our realistic responsibilities to others, but be willing to listen to other points of views. Otherwise, we can become the strict adult who assumes that we ‘know it all’, if we haven’t researched or collected enough information to evolve with the present. Learn how to build and progress your future happiness, rather than shutting down another day.

Mercury also leaves serious Capricorn, and enters the friendly skies of Aquarius. This fixed energy enhances our vision, that allows us to see all the details. We are opened to the ‘bigger picture’ which only increases the amount of information that is received. We think and communicate on a higher level with Mercury in Aquarius. We are intrigued with solving problems and finding solutions. We are drawn to the truth, which can unlock doors to opportunities and resolutions. The only thing that we should be careful of, especially in relationships is that the directness with Mercury in Aquarius can be appear to be cold and emotionless with our approach. Be crystal clear with intentions and gentle to not offend anyone with unkind words. Find a way to make the world, the workplace, relationships, and home a friendlier and more peaceful place ~ with awareness as to how we handle others with our thoughts and words.

Luna drifts away from sleepy Pisces and steps it up a few notches and she enters energetic Aries. We’re in the mood to move and make things happen, because we’re hungry for change. This is favorable energy for creating new beginnings, to try an adventurous approach, and to start projects. An abrupt shift in decisions is possible. “Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control, ~ These three alone lead life to sovereign power.”Alfred Lord Tennyson. Today’s tarot message comes from Seven of Wands rx, Ten of Wands: We’re getting in our own way.

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