Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Monday April 18, Storm Chasers & Thrill Seekers, Mars opposes Saturn Retrograde

Our invisible force field is turned on as Moon enters the vulnerable wetlands of Scorpio in the wee hours of the morning. We become more sensitive and unusually ‘feel’ more. For those who enjoy these sort of feelings, it’s a beautiful and sensual experience. For those who are not comfortable with ‘opening up’, moods become protective and fiercely moody. In the afternoon, Mars (action) opposes Saturn rx (re-evaluate), and there can be an experience that leans between friction and hostility. A fine example as to how the cosmos threaten and affect what lies beneath her, are the latest horrific weather storms in the past days. Mars (energy) is terribly impatient in aggressive Aries, and pushing his way through to make things move in our lives, as he seeks adventure. Saturn retrogrades in unbalanced Libra, carefully reassembling what is frail and ready to cave in around us. We need to understand that Mars doesn’t wait to figure things out. He’s a hero who has no time to think, or bleed. They simply react, AND immediately. This is a battle of will and power. Who’s going to win and stand from the pressure in this warrior competition? And although the energy from yesterday’s Full Moon in Libra is slowly decreasing, her power is still very influential. It’s forceful masculinity with a natural reaction to to backlash, as Mars and Saturn transit cardinal signs. And in the dark corner, Pluto retrograde quietly stands by, eager to trash the remaining leftovers. But anyway… I screwed up… although Mercury retrograde doesn’t help as he messes with our communications, writing, thinking and memory. I pre-write my articles to keep up with all that I do – so that I can simply post them (and add my two sense) to the day that they’re due. Well where I messed up, is that I posted this stormy opposition last Monday. ugh. I guess that post gave us a little taste as what might be expected, but I do offer my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience that I may have caused. You can click here to re-read the original article as our shadows dare to confront us now. Today’s insight from The Eight of Cups rx and The Star rx: We’re not ready to walk away from the nightmare just yet.

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