Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Monday August 8, Issues REappear, Mercury REtrograde REminder

Last Tuesday August 2, I was on vacation when Mercury ‘the communicating expert’ began his retrograde cycle. He will continue this cycle until the 26th of this month. During the retrograde, Mercury becomes the trickster, who ‘appears’ to be in reverse, and putting our communications into a backward motion, as ‘forward thinking’ halts in a tailspin. Whatever or whoever is communicating to us, leaves a good chance of funkiness during this period. We should expect misunderstandings as information is transmitted from one individual to another. Phones, computers, faxes, technical gadgets, appliances, and vehicles all allow transmission and movement for us in some way, and again something could go on the blink and stop us from moving forward. It’s best to be prepared, so speak clearly, by thinking first. And don’t forget to fix those minor glitches, that have a good chance of turning into a major glitches now.

For many of you who give us that ‘O no! Mercury retrograde again?!’…  you don’t need to hide under the covers or worry that this is a bad omen and that you are doomed. That’s untrue, and you aren’t doomed. If you are even affected at all, it acts as valid reminder for us to pay better attention to details and the way we communicate. If we haven’t been more aware of our own approach, mistakes will happen ~ period. Planets, or no planets, it’s a fact. Astrology acts as a nice guide to redirect our mind from our outer world, and to turn inward to know ourselves better. If we ignore the annoying squeaks in our mechanical items, or in our relationships, problems are going to happen. The timely visit from Mercury rx gives us a chance to learn something new now, in order to grow. The important thing is that when Mercury REtrogrades, we are allowed to take a few steps back, to REthink, REanalyze, and REcheck the accuracy of the data that had been exchanged. We REmember  and REminisce, and we Reconnect with people from our past. As we REenter the same old issue, we can REcommunicate what we really meant to say. This is actually a great opportunity now, to learn from our mistakes and make sure the same problem doesn’t happen again, for the NEXT Mercury retrograde!

Today Mercury continues to step his way back, from organizer Virgo, to REenter courageous Leo. What issue(s) seems to be popping up for you again? It’s re-appearing for a reason, so that you look at it more closely. The details, and the fine print. This energy cycle stalls time so that we correct our blueprint, before moving forward. And although life can not stop just because of the planets, it is suggested that before signing any important papers, major agreements, or large purchases – to be very careful by doing your homework first. Mercury rx in Leo will encourages us to temporarily step back from the situation, and to check ourselves first. This way when we come out, we’re confident, strong, and certain of our purpose. Otherwise, ignoring the issues will allow for more sloppiness, defensiveness, and no chance of negotiation.

As Mercury rx opposes Neptune rx this am, we may find ourselves guilty of looking for the lazy ‘way out, or creating ‘fairytales’ to misguide others, or ourselves. This cycle can just add more confusion if we’re satisfied with fuzzy details. Instead, find quality time to indulge with needed rest, some favorite music, or in a creative outlet. With Moon still in Sagittarius, we’ll want to experience moments in a BIG way. We’ll want to learn from it, so that we can fully express ourselves. Just be careful of being a little too optimistic, and a little too impatient, as Luna trines spoiled Venus and happy Sun this morning. We could be so overjoyed, that we end up tripping over our own shoelaces. Tarot insight for today: Nine of Pentacles, Knight of Cups: An opportunity rises that helps to stable what we are currently creating.

Welcome back readers, I’ve returned from a fabulous week vacation. Quality time with my family totally rocks, as well as the ‘mental getaway’ which is the icing on the cake. But in truth, it’s always good to get back to work, which is good for the soul.

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