Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Monday February 14 ♥ Zodiac Love Signs, Valentines Day

Starcana Cosmic Dirt ~ Daily Astrology, Planetary Weather, Astrological HappeningsOur head is in the right place as communicator Mercury trines responsible Saturn in the early morning. Our minds are in a serious place, and we’re mentally organizing our day (or month). Words and intentions are more precise as we are thinking before we speak, and Mercury’s visit in Aquarius, is envisioning about the future and long distance plans. As Saturn retrogrades in Libra, strategic plans are concentrated on solving past issues with money, love, and our relationship with others. The sweet trine delivers harmony as well as a twist of fate. Moon shifts into protective Cancer, so we may beat around the bush when it comes to truly expressing what we are feeling deep, down inside. The mood will have to be set just right, to create peace of mind and trust before vulnerability can truly be exposed.  Luna opposes suspicious Pluto around lunch, and self-indulgent Venus tonight, so try to utilize today’s planetary weather for being precise and accurate with what you are trying to express. Tarot insight from Three of Pentacles rx and Two of Swords rx: ‘Lack of preparation stirs misrepresentation. ~Starcana

A little fun to romance the signs…

Adore fiery Aries with plenty of things to do, with devoted attention. Aries is charmed by playful behavior and good challenges. Rules the color red for passion, anger, speed, raw energy, blood, heat, heart, endless love.

Adore earthy Taurus with baskets of flowers and meaningful gifts. Taurus approves of hard work pursued in romance. Rules the color green for growth, forests, cash, security, needs, fertility, vegetables, pastures, and money.

Adore airy Gemini with plenty of communication and open friendship. Gemini enjoys partnerships balanced with independence. Rules the color yellow for intelligent conversation, confidence, mental awareness, and light.

Adore watery Cancer with gentle whispers and meaningful hugs. Cancer feels loved with homemade meals and a quiet night of cuddling at home. Rules the color teal for moodiness, ocean, playfulness, waves, memories.

Adore fiery Leo with compliments and your best back massage. Leo is spoiled by surrounded beauty and gentle words of kindness. Rules the color gold for richness, strength, warmth, courage, popularity, sunshine, and leadership.

Adore earthy Virgo with romantic movies and your house key. Virgo appreciates independence, money, and personal space. Rules the color gray for stability, clouds, foundation, camouflage, and staleness.

Adore airy Libra with sentimental words and interesting information. Librans crave the latest news, sweetness, partnership, candy, space, and to be in the know. Rules the color pink for gentleness, flowers, togetherness, peace.

Adore watery Scorpio with complete loyalty. Scorpio needs strong emotional responses, and a secure partner. Rules the color black for transformation, secrets, shadows, release, masks, and hidden agendas.

Adore fiery Sagittarius with plenty of places to travel and good hearty conversation. Sagittarius is charmed by truckloads of laughter and direct honesty. Rules the color purple for spirituality, purple hearts, honor, royalty, horizons, higher thinking, and personal power.

Adore earthy Capricorn with commitment and dedication. Capricorn needs to be in charge of home and business. Rules the color brown for ancestry, roots, nest egg, reputation, family, rich soil, tradition, trees, and chocolate.

Adore airy Aquarius with romantic games and mind puzzling behavior. Aquarians enjoy a good challenge and a change of scenery. Rules the color electric blue for shocking behavior, rebellion, technology, humanitarians, and the sky.

Adore watery Pisces with an ocean of imagination and serenity. Pisces surrenders to a hot tub, sweet nothings, and good booze. Rules the color navy blue for healing, dreams, illusions, good health, calmness, safety, and depth.

Romancing the elements….

Fire and Air… breathes magic and success.

Fire and Earth… offers stability and liveliness.

Fire and Water…respects each others strengths.

Fire and Fire… rises past challenges and goals.

Air and Earth… gives space and stability.

Air and Water…shares warmth and kindness.

Air and Air… reaches new intellectual levels.

Water and Earth… comforts in pleasures.

Water and Water… sweeps each other away.

Earth and Earth… grounds power and resources.

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