Cosmic Dirt Horoscope, Monday January 2, 2012

The cosmic weather seems to be a fair one again today. And the later part of the day, Moon enters productive Taurus which sextiles nicely with compassionate Neptune, and conjuncts with appreciative Jupiter. Take a moment right now, just to show a little gratitude for your precious day.

On a larger scale, Happy new year again. While 2011 may have seemed a bit rough at times, it was about experiencing life with trial and error. In 2011, the world suffered one way or another with nature’s storms and earthquakes. Mother Earth managed to grab our attention, in order to wake us up to the reality that we have created, but also to what really matters. Our genius inventor Steve Jobs passed. Our economy continues to struggle. The year ends with the end of the war. Yes, we’re faced with hard lessons, to test our inner strength and survival techniques. Strained planetary positions created chaotic friction which literally ‘shook our world’, so that we might put an end to the illusions of drama.

So here we are, in the year 2012, and we might ask ourselves as to how much we have really changed in the last few months. And although many are expecting major changes , spiritual evolution, and catastrophic events in 2012, what real steps have we attempted to put peace and order into our own unbalanced world? 2012 is a ‘five’ cycle. Fives not only contain movement, but they expect the same. It’s about taking all that we have recently learned in the last few years, and ‘moving’ ahead to create a better world. 2012 allows us great potential to recreate ourselves so that we may choose a happier and healthier road. We are to use the five cycle to physically move, to break away from old thought patterns and routine behavior. We are to simplify and to create a better future. Our own choices have brought us to this very moment in our life. So yes, we need to know that this is a year of great change. Something profound is bound to happen, so rather than to wait like a sitting duck, why not step up to the plate? Think about what you desire, and start taking control of the sails as the winds of change begin to shift our course. What will you do in 2012 to enhance your personal living and happiness?

Think back to the major shifts that were caused in the five cycle of 2003. Direction had been steered onto unsettled waters, and so here are again… invited to another cycle of great change. As an example, I remember my five path in 2003, which was about separating myself from dysfunctional connections, to search for my own truth. I broke free from attachments, normal routines, and what was assumed to be traditional. Then a few years ago, I experienced my personal five year, but I took wise measures to control my destiny. Again, I separated myself from what I already knew, in order to expand my knowledge and growth. That’s when I decided to study the wisdom of yoga. Anyway, that’s my story. It’s now time for you to define your own story. So as we let go of another year, we also get to let go of limitations ~ so that we may once again, move ahead. Too, there are no planets in retrograde, so this powerful energy will continue to push us forward. Remember to be thankful for the hard times, and to be appreciative of what you have recently learned. What are you willing to sacrifice, in order to become in the year 2012? Learning to live, is also learning to let go. This your time, to free yourself, and to create order out of your chaos.

Making resolutions is a cleansing ritual of self-assessment and repentance that demands personal honesty and ultimately, reinforces humility. Breaking them is a part of the cycle. ~Eric Zor

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