Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Monday January 31

Starcana Cosmic Dirt ~ Daily Astrology, Planetary Weather, Astrological HappeningsThe Capricorn Moon continues to keep us on our toes, encouraging us to take control of our own, and not rely on others. Cardinal energies keep us occupied, as we put order into our life and work schedule, allowing us to build sturdiness through determination. Much can be accomplished today, and we may find ourselves reconnecting with an old job or unresolved situation. The day is clear of aspects to keep our day working with us, except for a Moon/Saturn square around dinner, where we may be a bit too serious with others, or more so, on ourselves. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. ‘If you take responsibility for your life, you can start changing it. Osho’. Tarot message: ’10Wrx/KnS: Just before we forfeit, new information saves the day.’ ~Starcana

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